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Star Wars RPG

When Someone Turns

BY MARK: How do you pull off a player in your group going evil? It can be a tricky prospect, and something that many GMs and players have failed at in the past. I ran […]

Apr, 17

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Session 2: Long Arm of the Hutt Pt. 1

BY MARK: In which the Wookiee goes mad… We dove right into the second session with our Wookiee doctor, Herglic pilot, Chiss slicer, and brand new Gran hired gun, played by Eli. Eli was able […]

Apr, 16

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Session 1: Escape from Mos Shuuta

BY MARK: Last week, we played through the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Box adventure, Escape from Mos Shuuta. Gabe arrived, ready to run his Wookiee pacifist doctor, Andrew played as his Herglic […]

Apr, 01

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Session 0: Character Creation

BY MARK: Last night we had our character creation session for Edge of the Empire. My friend, Gabe, as well as my brother, Andrew, were on hand. Gabe’s favorite race is the Wookiee and he […]

Mar, 08

The New (Game) Year

BY MARK I know, many of my posts start with me talking about how I haven’t been doing any gaming, but it’s sadly true. I’ve been collecting a lot of Heroclix figures (mostly Lord of […]

Dec, 30

Sticking It To The (Edge of the) Empire

BY MICHAEL PACHECO I don’t always do random things to dice, but when I do it’s exceptionally random. When I first tore up my Edge of the Empire beta, I completely ignored the dice stickers. After […]

Aug, 15

Hacking the Humble D6

BY MICHAEL PACHECO Break out your copy of Space Cadets and pull out those Jump Drive cards! Let’s hack some games! In Space Cadets, the player needs to roll 5 of a kind in order to Jump the ship […]

May, 07


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