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Collected Star Wars D6 Templates

Collected Star Wars D6 Templates

November 9, 2014 2 Comments

Hey, remember all of those Star Wars D6 templates I made a few years back? I’ve collected them all in one place, here. You can see all of the templates I’ve made. I’d love to hear some more of your suggestions for future templates. Which would you like to see?  

#RPGaDAY: New Edition & Scariest Game

#RPGaDAY: New Edition & Scariest Game

August 28, 2014 No Comments

What new RPG would you like to see a new edition of? Yesterday’s RPGaDAY is a pretty easy one for me. I’d love to see a new edition of Star Wars D6, with some elements of Edge of the Empire incorporated in, some more modern game design elements. Perhaps someday, if FFG loses the license, […]

#RPGaDAY: Oldest RPG You Play/Read

#RPGaDAY: Oldest RPG You Play/Read

August 12, 2014 No Comments

I’m back from camping and Silverwood! Had a blast! Let’s dive into today’s #RPGaDAY. What’s the oldest RPG you still play or read? I’ve been rereading Star Wars D6 again. It’s a great system, and I’m amazed after all these years, the game feels like getting back on a bike and I’ve never forgotten how […]

#RPGaDAY: What is it? And the First Two Days

#RPGaDAY: What is it? And the First Two Days

August 2, 2014 No Comments

I just found out about the #RPGaDAY hashtag on Twitter this morning, and thought this might be interesting to try out! What is #RPGaDAY? Each day, on Twitter, using the hashtag, you will talk about the subject of the day. Here are the subjects each day: [caption id="attachment_8075" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Click it to enbiggen it![/caption] […]

Star Wars Rebels to Use Star Wars RPG Material

Star Wars Rebels to Use Star Wars RPG Material

June 20, 2014 1 Comment

I love the Star Wars D6 RPG from West End Games. As you probably know, it was my first RPG ever, and I’ve talked extensively about it, making templates for it. My friend Daniel Perez pointed me to an article from Inquisitr, which you can read here. Here’s an excerpt: There is a major segment […]

Discount Levaquin

Discount Levaquin

May 7, 2013 No Comments


Break out your copy of Space Cadets and pull out those Jump Drive cards Discount Levaquin, ! Let's hack some games.

In Space Cadets, 150mg Levaquin, the player needs to roll 5 of a kind in order to Jump the ship to safety. The number rolled is irrelevant, so long as it's 5 of a kind, Levaquin coupon. The Jump cards allow you to manipulate the outcome of the dice after they've been rolled. They can be claimed by rolling various combinations, Levaquin ebay, such a straight of 4 dice (2, 3, 4, Levaquin uk, 5), 30mg Levaquin, a total less than 12, or whatever. If you're playing ANY game that uses 5 six-sided dice at least some of the time, Levaquin craiglist, the Jump cards can add a new dimension to the game's mechanics. Here's a few examples of how the cards could be applied to existing games.



Here's a way to speed up that annual Thanksgiving game of Risk.

  • Place the Jump cards face up during setup.

  • Attackers (and only attackers) can play one card per attack, Discount Levaquin. Levaquin overseas,

  • At the end of the attack, after you've changed any dice and the results are final, the attacker (and only the attacker) can claim a new card from the table if the dice rolled by both the attacker and defender meet the card's requirements.

  • Note that the attacker is manipulating both attack and defense dice, Levaquin mexico, and is claiming cards based on all the dice rolled. 1000mg Levaquin,

  • Players may have as many Jump cards as they can claim.

By allowing only attackers to claim and use cards, players will be itching to push on when normally they would sit back and build up their forces. A clever player can tempt opponents into less-than-promising engagements in an effort to get one more card, 200mg Levaquin. Maybe the card will prove useful even after a defeat, 500mg Levaquin, but if a player's entire plan is based on collecting Jump cards regardless of the troop losses, it's only a matter of time before they stretch themselves too thin.


Discount Levaquin, STAR WARS D6

Since there isn't a qualitative difference between mooks and major antagonists in D6, Jump cards can add some bite to your villains.

  • Lay the Jump cards out at the beginning of the session, 750mg Levaquin.

  • Any player, Levaquin usa, or the GM, can claim an applicable card for any roll they make.

  • Cards my be played at any time by anyone to affect any roll, 250mg Levaquin, although the GM should save most of his or her cards for dramatically appropriate scenes. Levaquin canada,

  • Play the card, change the dice, return the card to the table, 100mg Levaquin.

  • After the dice have been changed, another player may play their card to further change the dice, Discount Levaquin.

  • Jump cards are claimed from the table after the dice roll has been resolved. Levaquin japan,

  • Only the player who altered a roll last may claim a new card.

  • Rolls that are made in reaction to other rolls, such as dodging, are considered separate from the initial action, Levaquin paypal.

  • There is no limit on how many Jump cards you can have.

Because you're rolling for a total number, Levaquin australia, even bumping a 1 to a 2, or a 6 to a 5, can affect the game, 10mg Levaquin. This also greatly speeds up battles in the PCs favor. Discount Levaquin, This is fine since they're the heroes. 50mg Levaquin, Of course, the major villains have the same trick, so that Emperor's Hand can go toe-to-toe with the heroes in a way a bunch of Stormtroopers can't, 20mg Levaquin. I imagine this mechanic simulating subtle positioning that isn't reflected in the main rules. Levaquin india,



This one's iffy because I've yet to actually play Hollowpoint. The dice pools are about right, and the matching mechanic is similar to the the actual Jump Drive mechanic. Claiming and playing are the same as the above Star Wars rules, 40mg Levaquin. I guess, Discount Levaquin. Like I said, Levaquin us, I've yet to experience the system. I imagine that because of the narration, it could get crazy, so limit card plays to one card per player, including the GM. Claiming happens at the end of step 6. If there is conflict over a who claims a card, GM decides. As usual, tell me how it goes.


These are just examples as to how Jump cards can be added to a game. Alien Frontiers, Fiasco, and FU all seem to fit the bill.

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No RX Medrol

No RX Medrol

April 15, 2013 5 Comments

I've posted two previous sets of D6 Templates (here and here No RX Medrol, ). It's been a while, Medrol india. Medrol coupon, I've got some more. Mostly Jedi, Medrol japan, Medrol uk, though not all. Enjoy, Medrol canada. 100mg Medrol, Of course, Click to Enbiggen, Medrol usa. 50mg Medrol, JediConsular






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