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D6 System

Hacking the Humble D6

BY MICHAEL PACHECO Break out your copy of Space Cadets and pull out those Jump Drive cards! Let’s hack some games! In Space Cadets, the player needs to roll 5 of a kind in order to Jump the ship […]

May, 07

Brand New Star Wars D6 Templates

I’ve posted two previous sets of D6 Templates (here and here). It’s been a while. I’ve got some more! Mostly Jedi, though not all. Enjoy. Of course, Click to Enbiggen.

Apr, 15
The Abandoned Asteroid: A Star Wars Adventure

The Abandoned Asteroid: A Star Wars Adventure

Ah, The Abandoned Asteroid. Beck before the internet was big, it was tricky to find RPG materials. This would have been around 1999, and I scoured the internet for whatever material I could find for […]

Nov, 10
More Star Wars d6 Templates

More Star Wars d6 Templates

Here’s another set of Star Wars templates. I’ve gotten a system for them now, in that I can usually knock one out in about a half hour. The changing art for different genders is nice […]

Oct, 05
Star Wars d6 Templates

Star Wars d6 Templates

The Liturgy of Nerath posts I was going to work on are going to have to wait for a few days, as I’ve got something to show you. Last Saturday, I tried to get a […]

Oct, 03


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