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Card Game Review: Barnyard Legions

Card Game Review: Barnyard Legions

April 6, 2015 No Comments

Barnyard Legions is a fantastic new card game where armies of animals battle one another in a large barnyard. It’s described as “tic-tac-toe where the tics attack.” You act by laying out your armies across the field, aiming for five-in-a-row. First up, a quick disclaimer. The designer of Barnyard Legions is my brother, so make […]

Card Game Review: Super Fantasy Rumble

Card Game Review: Super Fantasy Rumble

January 25, 2015 No Comments

Super Fantasy Rumble is a tactical card game inspired by 1980’s Saturday morning cartoons and features a unique and dynamic movement system that pushes and pulls heroes around a gridded board to battle other groups of random heroes.   Components In my unboxing video here, you can see my initial take on the components. The […]

Pokemon with Kids

Pokemon with Kids

June 19, 2014 1 Comment

I’ve recently gotten into playing Pokemon after my son, who’s six, got a starter for Christmas. All of his friends in Kindergarten were collecting cards, so he wanted to too. I picked up a starter deck, and we’ve been playing on occasion since. Just yesterday, I picked up new decks for the both of us, […]

Buy Clonidine No Prescription

Buy Clonidine No Prescription

January 14, 2014 2 Comments


Buy Clonidine No Prescription, BY MARK

Michael Iachini of Clay Crucible Games kindly sent me a review copy of his latest game, Otters. and I've got to say, 40mg Clonidine, it's a lot of fun.

It arrived in the mail the other day, and we quickly popped it open and gave it a spin, 500mg Clonidine.

In Otters. 50mg Clonidine, you draw cards adorned with pictures of otters of various point values. On your turn, you place two of those cards onto the cards in the middle of the table, called "playgrounds", Buy Clonidine No Prescription. Each of these playgrounds depicts either mountainous lakes or beautiful rivers. Your goal is to collect the most points by claiming these playgrounds, Clonidine canada. Each playground is worth a certain number of points. Clonidine craiglist, If you place the otter that makes all of the otters at the playground equal the number of points on the playground, the playground is yours. Buy Clonidine No Prescription, Play continues until all of the playgrounds have been claimed.

There are a few other cards, Clonidine mexico, such as otters that allow you to play another otter, 1000mg Clonidine, otters that allow you to bring over otters from other playgrounds, and a couple more.

Interestingly, Clonidine usa, when Bridget and I sat down to play the game, Clonidine coupon, we looked at it and said, "where's the strategy. You just.., Clonidine uk. place otters." This was before we began play. However, once gameplay started, really fascinating strategies developed, Buy Clonidine No Prescription. Clonidine ebay, There are actually a wealth of options for you to explore. Each decision you make matters. Don't place your high-value otter there, or the other person might be able to claim it on their turn, Clonidine australia. Place that otter here, Clonidine japan, and as a second otter is placed, use that card that allows you to play another otter, claiming the playground, 100mg Clonidine. The strategy is actually very deep, 30mg Clonidine, it's just very subtle, which I liked a lot. Buy Clonidine No Prescription, We found ourselves developing our own unique strategies as the game went along.

Our son, Clonidine india, Gabe, Clonidine overseas, who's 5, had seen us playing, and after we finished our two person game, 150mg Clonidine, we let him sit down with us to give it a try. 250mg Clonidine, He has zero grasp of strategy, but had a good time trying to collect playgrounds and playing with the otter cards. He understood the rules after a couple of rounds of play, 10mg Clonidine. We went around the table clockwise, 20mg Clonidine, which meant that I played directly after him. He would often play not enough points to claim a playground, but just enough to set me up so that I could claim it, so I won by a landslide, Buy Clonidine No Prescription. We'll work on the strategy in the future. It's a great game I can play with him, 200mg Clonidine, which is good, Clonidine paypal, because many games he's capable of playing are mind-numbingly boring.

Otters is a fantastic game for children and adults which has great looking cards, simple rules, 750mg Clonidine, and elegant strategy. Clonidine us, I highly recommend it.

Michael will be running a Kickstarter for Otters in February to create a print run for the game. Check in with him at Online Dungeon Master or at his game design company's website, Clay Crucible. I'll also be posting when the Kickstarter goes live.

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Discount Clonidine

Discount Clonidine

January 9, 2014 2 Comments

BY MARK Discount Clonidine, I was bored the other night and decided to make up a Dark Side playmat for the Star Wars Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. 500mg Clonidine, I spoke a little about the last time I played a couple of days ago. A few notes on the design: Up top, 250mg Clonidine, Clonidine india, where it shows the Empire symbols, those are for you to use a miniature, Clonidine ebay, Clonidine canada, perhaps a stormtrooper or Darth Vader, to mark your progression on the Death Star track instead of using the Death Star dial, Clonidine overseas. 150mg Clonidine, The logos are one inch, so using a WotC Star Wars mini should work very well, Clonidine japan. Clonidine usa, Also, this playmat is exactly the size needed by Inked Playmats so that you can just upload it and have them send it to you, 20mg Clonidine.

I'll probably do one for the Light Side soon, replacing those Imperial symbols with three rebel symbols for you to mark how many objectives you've claimed, Discount Clonidine. Clonidine uk, Anyway, enjoy, Clonidine australia. Clonidine mexico, [caption id="attachment_7663" align="alignnone" width="574"]Enjoy. And click it to enbiggen it! Enjoy, Clonidine craiglist. Clonidine paypal, And click it to enbiggen it![/caption]. Clonidine coupon. 10mg Clonidine. Clonidine us. 750mg Clonidine. 200mg Clonidine. 100mg Clonidine. 40mg Clonidine. 30mg Clonidine. 50mg Clonidine. 1000mg Clonidine.

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Buy Levaquin No Prescription

Buy Levaquin No Prescription

January 6, 2014 No Comments

BY MARK Buy Levaquin No Prescription, I finally had a game night, and it was a ton of fun. Levaquin canada, We're considering now if the Lord of the Rings LCG is worth continuing to play or if the thing is just too impossible. We also got a chance to play the Star Wars LGC, Levaquin ebay. 750mg Levaquin, LOTR-LCG-Watcher-in-the-Water-cards

Gabe, one of my best friends, Levaquin usa, Levaquin overseas, invited me over to play a little Lord of the Rings LCG. He had recently gotten the Hobbit expansions for the game, Levaquin paypal, Levaquin japan, so we decided to give it a try. We've played together a few times before, with my Gondor/Outlands Tactics/Leadership Deck and his Dwarf Spirit/Lore deck, Buy Levaquin No Prescription.

The basic idea of the LotR LCG is that it's a cooperative game in which players build decks to form a fellowship and battle the deck itself, Levaquin australia, 150mg Levaquin, which is assembled based on the particular scenario you're playing through. He spent hours fiddling with and building two perfect decks of Thorin's Party, Levaquin craiglist. 30mg Levaquin, My deck was primarily focused on Spirit and Leadership, while his was Lore and Leadership, 50mg Levaquin. Levaquin mexico, The mission we played through was the encounter with the Trolls at the beginning of Bilbo's quest. Buy Levaquin No Prescription, The game seemed to be going really bad at first, with most of my dwarves being snatched up and shoved unto sacks, but soon Gabe had his dwarves tie one of the trolls up in a snare, making him worthless. We struck back against the trolls, Levaquin coupon, Levaquin india, and with one troll left, with only two hit points remaining.., 20mg Levaquin. 1000mg Levaquin, we failed the quest. Our threat rose too high, Levaquin uk, 10mg Levaquin, and we completely botched it. It was very frustrating, Levaquin us, 40mg Levaquin, and it's one of many, many times we've lost the game, 200mg Levaquin.

I think we've only won the game a single time, unfortunately, Buy Levaquin No Prescription. 100mg Levaquin, As I said before, this has made us seriously consider whether or not we're going to continue collecting the game, 250mg Levaquin. 500mg Levaquin, Are we bad at deck building. Are these scenarios just impossible. We're considering trying the rules for Easy Mode (found at Fantasy Flight Games' website here) in an effort to win even a little fraction of the time. Buy Levaquin No Prescription, Still, we had fun in our frustration, but it may not be worth spending an evening of anger again.


With about an hour and a half left in our game-night, we decided to give the Star Wars LGC a spin. I had played it once before, months ago, and had since bought up every expansion that game out. Gabe chose the Rebellion, while I played the Imperial Navy. Most of my deck was built around the Death Star, while his was built around Hoth. He was horrified to see that I hadn't put in any Luke Skywalker cards (his favorite character), but in my defense, the deck has no Han Solo cards either, Buy Levaquin No Prescription. The game played great, with the Imperial forces quickly swaying the balance of the Force over to the Dark Side, while smashing through a few of his objectives.

However, the foul Rebellion managed to destroy three of my objectives, winning the game.

Gabe had a blast with it, and said that he looks forward to playing it again. This game may end up replacing our semi-frequent Lord of the Rings card game nights.

What are your experiences with these two games. In particular, has LotR been as impossible for you as it has been for us. Any strategies.

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Norvasc For Sale

Norvasc For Sale

December 24, 2013 2 Comments


BY MICHAEL PACHECO Norvasc For Sale, (This is just me rambling about mechanics, so don't expect a point to all of this.)

I've written about The Five before, but I think I missed one thing. Norvasc india, The game's domino mechanic isn't really about using dominoes to determine success. The Five is an RPG skin wrapped around a normal game of dominoes, Norvasc overseas. 250mg Norvasc, Can that be applied to poker. Chess, 500mg Norvasc. Monopoly, Norvasc For Sale. 200mg Norvasc, This got me thinking about the interplay between concepts that are traditionally thought of as RPG or board and card game concepts, specifically: If you can take the GM out of an RPG, Norvasc uk, Norvasc australia, like Fiasco has done, can you put the GM into a board or card game, Norvasc japan. Norvasc canada, Let's take Space Hulk: Death Angel. It's a cooperative card game where the players play against the game itself, 100mg Norvasc, 20mg Norvasc, moving their Space Marines from location to location. The location cards act as the narrator, 30mg Norvasc, Norvasc coupon, setting up the terrain, special circumstances, Norvasc paypal, Norvasc craiglist, and number of potential enemies. Norvasc For Sale, A real GM could supplant this by laying out said terrain, and altering what would normally be possible.

One could also change things for the players by trading the action cards their chosen Space Marine is suppose to get with different cards that normally belong the other Space Marines, 50mg Norvasc. Norvasc usa, Maybe XP can be applied, allowing the player to choose more action cards, Norvasc mexico, 40mg Norvasc, and support tokens can be awarded to represent advantages won from roleplaying decisions made during play.

Space Alert is also a stone's throw away from being an RPG, 750mg Norvasc. Norvasc us, The New Frontier expansion introduces experience and specialization rules, allowing players to keep track of and improve their characters, 150mg Norvasc. One could just lose the CD and have a narrator describe all the shit the universe throws at them while playing and keeping track of the threat cards and basically handling all the things that the players would do during the Resolution Phase, Norvasc For Sale. 1000mg Norvasc, Basically, the game would be a combination of both the Action and Resolution Phases, 10mg Norvasc. Norvasc ebay, Players can roleplay their frantic actions while placing action cards, per the standard game, and the GM can resolve actions on the fly.

If you think about it, Space Alert's experience rules can be reverse-engineered. See, as the character improves, the player gets access to special action cards. Norvasc For Sale, In fact, that's the entire system: getting new components. This idea can also be applied to Space Cadets. A GM can alter what cards or tiles players have access to in order to represent experience, the situation, or whatever the story requires. This brings us back to The Five, since the main thing those rules do is allow the players to break the rules of a fairly normal game of dominoes.

Flatpack does the same thing with any board or card game the GM can muster. Sure, it's less specific to each tacked-on game, but it can do it for any game. Like poker, Norvasc For Sale. Or shess. Or Monopoly. Further, Flatpack's system of using other games to represent challenges to the players puts it in a unique place of a hub that could connect multiple card and board games, much like The Flux does with RPGs. As hubs, both of these games can be considered potential frankengames onto themselves.

Summation. What's the point.

None. Just thinking.

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