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Card Game

Rules, Props, Time, and Money

BY MICHAEL PACHECO I’m finding that my lack of artistic skills is going to get me into more trouble than I imagined. The various card effects are coming alone well, but the “art” is another […]

Jan, 31

I’m Tellin’ Y’all, It’s SABOTAGE!

BY MICHAEL PACHECO My kingdom for an extra SD card. So I had this idea that I could use my old cellphones to display images that went along with non-Device cards, which I’m calling Experiment […]

Jan, 28

Making Up Brain Science

BY MICHAEL PACHECO OK, here’s round three of my little experiment. This one is definitely not usable because of the big, honking logo on the controller. Still, I wanted to see what would happen if […]

Jan, 24

Back to the Lab: Adventures In Card Layouts

BY MICHAEL PACHECO If it isn’t apparent that I’m making this game up as I create the cards, then know that I’m making this game up as I create the cards. This card has given […]

Jan, 20

I’m Building A Game. Be Afraid.

BY MICHAEL PACHECO It hit me like a two-ton heavy thing last night. After months of tinkering with other games, systems, mechanics, and components, I think I have a solid idea for a game of […]

Jan, 16

Game Review: Otters!

BY MARK Michael¬†Iachini of Clay Crucible Games kindly sent me a review copy of his latest game, Otters! and I’ve got to say, it’s a lot of fun. It arrived in the mail the other […]

Jan, 14

Star Wars Living Card Game Playmat

BY MARK I was bored the other night and decided to make up a Dark Side playmat for the Star Wars Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. I spoke a little about the last […]

Jan, 09


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