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#RPGaDAY: Best Second-Hand RPG Purchase

#RPGaDAY: Best Second-Hand RPG Purchase

August 22, 2014 No Comments

I remember the day well. I had just dropped Bridget and Gabe off at the Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport, both of them on their way to Spokane to visit family for a few weeks. Right outside of the gates was a large used book store, Renaissance Books. Wandering in, I found a great selection […]

#RPGaDAY: Favorite Published Adventure

#RPGaDAY: Favorite Published Adventure

August 19, 2014 No Comments

  Today’s #RPGaDAY question is a tricky one for me. I’m known for creating my own campaigns and only using published campaigns on occasion, but when 4e came out, I ran the first two adventures published for it before switching to my own, and with this edition, I’m doing the same. I must say, I […]

Play Your Old Modules in 5e Today!

Play Your Old Modules in 5e Today!

July 25, 2014 3 Comments

I’ve been scouring the interwebs for you, dear readers. 5th Edition is a fantastic system, and you know you want to play your old Dragons of Despair or Temple of Elemental Evil modules with the new system, but how? All of the monsters aren’t available yet, and who knows if they’ll all be in the […]

The Great Kingdom: An Interview with the Creators

The Great Kingdom: An Interview with the Creators

July 15, 2014 No Comments

Hey everyone! With only a few days left, the documentary, “The Great Kingdom” presses forward in hopes of reaching their goal. I had the chance to interview a couple of the filmmakers, Andrew Pascal and Chris Haifleyon, about the project to find out more about it. There’s a few things we covered here, including some […]

Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter

Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter

January 8, 2014 No Comments

frozen-disney-princess-35886041-1920-1080 Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter, I took my kids to go see Frozen over the weekend. It was actually a really good movie, which managed to avoid the "damsel in distress" plot, Allopurinol usa, and completely threw the idea of "true love" on its head. 20mg Allopurinol, We all really enjoyed it.

As I was watching it, however, Allopurinol canada, I naturally began thinking, Allopurinol us, "This would make a great D&D campaign". If you haven't seen the movie yet, there are a few spoilers up ahead, 30mg Allopurinol.

[caption id="attachment_7654" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A good princess always packs a few torches in her adventuring pack. A good princess always packs a few torches in her adventuring bag.[/caption]

You have the princess, heir-apparent to the throne, born with powers she can't control (a white dragon-bloodline sorcerer perhaps?), buy Allopurinol Over The Counter. On the day of her coronation, Allopurinol japan, her powers are set loose, and she flees into the mountains, where she builds an enormous ice palace, 1000mg Allopurinol. Her sister pursues her, Allopurinol overseas, adds members to her party including a ranger and his animal companion as well as a snow golem. Combat against a pack of wolves, some skill challenges as they struggle through the mountains, 500mg Allopurinol, and they finally reach their sister's palace. 150mg Allopurinol, After trying to reason with her, they are forced to battle an enormous ice elemental. Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter, The Ice Queen is captured, returned to the city, where her sister is forced to face her again after being magically healed by a band of trolls. In the end, Allopurinol australia, the younger sister sacrifices her life for the queen, 200mg Allopurinol, and is resurrected. They all live happily ever after.

Right there, 750mg Allopurinol, it's a great plot for an adventure. 10mg Allopurinol, Let's take a few things and analyze them.

1, buy Allopurinol Over The Counter. A sympathetic antagonist. The Ice Queen isn't a villain, but she is the antagonist, Allopurinol coupon. It's she who has locked the kingdom of Arendale in eternal winter. 250mg Allopurinol, By giving the antagonist something they cannot control, it's something even they cannot fight. In addition, 40mg Allopurinol, tying the antagonist to the heroes makes it harder for the heroes to simply kill the antagonist to fix everything. Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter, Instead, they'll look for a better solution. Allopurinol paypal, frozen-image-600x251

2. A great adventuring party. Everyone's skills were put to use here. The ice merchant (really, Allopurinol craiglist, he's a ranger) is in it only for the money, Allopurinol ebay, and comes prepared with a pickaxe and 100 feet of rope (always useful for any adventurer). His skills come in hand in the more physically dangerous places, while the princess, 50mg Allopurinol, Anna, 100mg Allopurinol, is useful in charismatic situations, persuading, haggling, Allopurinol mexico, things like that.

3, buy Allopurinol Over The Counter. Allopurinol uk, A stunning twist! I really want to avoid spoilers here for those of you who haven't seen the film, but damn, that twist was pretty good, Allopurinol india. You know the one, where it's revealed that... you know what. If you've seen it, you know. Buy Allopurinol Over The Counter, The point is, there should always be a great plot twist ready to keep your players on their toes. By taking your players' expectations and flipping them, you should keep them interested for sessions to come.

4. Interesting locales. Sweeping mountain vistas, a city locked in ice, a magical winter storm sweeping across the landscape, ships frozen in ice. All of these make great set pieces for your campaign. Keep the locations interesting and different, even if you've got a single unifying element (in this case, ice and snow).

The film was really fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone. While I enjoyed Tangled, Frozen is a far superior film, with some really great visuals, great voice work, and a few good musical numbers too.


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Buy Avodart No Prescription

Buy Avodart No Prescription

November 13, 2013 3 Comments


By Cirsova: Buy Avodart No Prescription, There are few modules out there more highly regarded than Isle of Dread. Heroes from the mainland sail in search of treasure and monster and the chance to open a new trade route to lands unknown.

The fighter comes as conquistador, 100mg Avodart, the cleric as missionary, the thief as treasure hunter, the mage as researcher, the elf as.., Avodart australia. well, an elf. Avodart mexico, The heroes of the Setting Formerly Known as The Known World may have all sorts of motivations and goals as they invade and explore this alien wilderness.

But what about natives, Buy Avodart No Prescription. Typical runs of the Isle of Dread treat the natives in a handful of ways: they are the hired manpower of the explorers. They act as guides before the jungle gets too thick and dangerous. And, 200mg Avodart, in dire situations, once the supply of mooks back on the ships get exhausted, 1000mg Avodart, may be used in the pool of bodies to reroll dead characters from. I've read of some parties that explored the Isle of Dread and by the end of the campaign, maybe one of the original party was left, leading a band of characters rolled up from natives because everyone else was dead, Avodart india. Buy Avodart No Prescription, But what is the motivation for that. And why continue once the last of the original heroes has been killed. That pretty much spells the end of the exploratory expedition. 50mg Avodart, So, here's my idea for a new take on Isle of Dread. Now, I'm sure this has been done before lots of times, Avodart japan, just it doesn't get blogged about a lot.

All player characters are drawn from the natives, Buy Avodart No Prescription. Classes are restricted to those available in the villages, 10mg Avodart, namely fighter and cleric. I know that multi-classing is a no-no in b/x, but I think I might allow it for magic users; I'll go into that later.

Rather than run it at "Expert" levels, 20mg Avodart, all characters start at level 1. The scene is set by the arrival of mysterious strangers on the island. Buy Avodart No Prescription, They come bringing all sorts of wonders and treasures. Avodart craiglist, All of these new arrivals will be low to mid level except for their leader, who should be level 5-8, perhaps depending upon his or her class.

The first major variable in this campaign will be the expedition leader's class, Avodart usa. This will shape some of his goals and attitudes regarding the isle of dread. A fighter will likely be more interested in exploration, Avodart us, treasure, or colonization, a cleric in prosyletizing and establishing missions, a thief in getting as much loot as possible with less interest in long-term position, 40mg Avodart, and magic user probably in studying the lost civilization. These are just some ideas: these expedition leaders can have any number of motivations, all of which will shape the direction of the campaign, Buy Avodart No Prescription.

As the mysterious strangers appear in the village, 750mg Avodart, they ask for the help of villagers. They're looking for volunteers, but are willing to hire people on.

As a native of the Isle of Dread, Avodart coupon, your equipment may be limited by your culture and your resources. This means you're primarily going to be restricted to very light or no armor and the wooden and leather shields of your people. Buy Avodart No Prescription, At some point, you may grow used to the foreign weapons and armor of these strange newcomers, but for some time would suffer severe disadvantages until you became accustomed to them. 250mg Avodart, Being a native warrior might even be treated as a separate class as a traditional fighter, complete with weapon and armor restrictions, though using fighter's level tables. Native weapons would include spears, Avodart overseas, both thrown and melee, bows, Avodart ebay, and other weapons described in the module as being used by the islanders.

Native clerics would likely be more like witch doctors than the traditional healer/tank. They would only wear the armor and equipment of their culture. They also might often clash with any clerics who have arrived on their shores, Buy Avodart No Prescription. There is any number or reasons why a native acolyte would go adventuring, Avodart canada, though. Collecting items for medicine bags, 150mg Avodart, observing the ways of the newcomers, proving ones' worth to the gods through a rite of passage into the heart of the island, so on and so forth.

I'm also inclined to include magic users, Avodart uk, but in a very different way, more akin to something from AD&D than B/X. 500mg Avodart, If there is a magic user among the foreign explorers, particularly if the leader is a magic user, that magic user might be willing to do some teaching were his life saved by a heroic native with a propensity for learning. Buy Avodart No Prescription, First, you might want to decide whether or not the inhabitants of the Isle of Dread are literate. I'm assuming they're not, 30mg Avodart. A native interested in becoming a magic user would need to be taught how to read and write. This may be accomplished by a series of intelligence checks over time. Avodart paypal, Once the individual learns to read, he or she may also be taught "read magic". A native cleric or fighter who is taught magic in this way drops their old class (though they keep their saves and to hit, at least until the new magic user class advancement catches up) and begins to advance as though they were a level 1 magic user, Buy Avodart No Prescription. A cleric who becomes a magic user in this way is considered to have abandoned the old ways, and may be shunned by other native clerics. He or she will also lose any cleric abilities.

Here's a thought: to abrogate the need for spellbooks, natives magic users begin to tatoo their spells all over their bodies, and possibly the bodies of their fellows.

You can't work a campaign by simply having the natives tag along with the explorers. At some point, the leader isn't going to be there, and the natives may be on their own deep in the jungles of the Isle. But finding motivation for natives to go exploring their own island shouldn't be hard. It will depend on the motives of the explorers, which will be up to you as the DM, but the Isle of Dread is written to have endless possibilities.

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Buy Deltasone No Prescription

Buy Deltasone No Prescription

September 9, 2013 1 Comment

By Mark: Buy Deltasone No Prescription, I just aquired a giant box full of common and uncommon Magic: The Gathering cards, and as I was sorting through them, I realized I was creating whole stories in my head based on the cards I drew. The art on MTG cards is simply stunning, 40mg Deltasone, Deltasone coupon, and worth picking up a booster for just to look at.

Anyway, 50mg Deltasone, 20mg Deltasone, as I was looking over these cards, I decided to plan a whole D&D adventure based on random drawing of Magic cards, Deltasone australia. Deltasone mexico, I decided to draw three cards representing the plot, three cards representing important NPCs and monsters, 250mg Deltasone, 750mg Deltasone, and one card depicting the Big Bad Evil Guy of the session. The results were pretty spectacular, Deltasone usa.

Plot: Walking Corpse, Sewer Shambler, Mwonvuli Beast Tracker

Important NPC: Knight Of Obligation, Rust Scarab, Midnight Guard

BBEG: Vile Rebirth

[caption id="attachment_7308" align="alignright" width="300"]Knight of Obligation by Ryan Barger Knight of Obligation by Ryan Barger[/caption]

Okay, so, both the Walking Corpse and Sewer Shambler are zombies, while Mwonvuli Beast Tracker is a human, as is the Knight of Obligation (a noble-looking knight on a horse) and the Midnight Guard (a town watch type character), Buy Deltasone No Prescription. Deltasone canada, The Rust Scarab is a 4/5 creature (fairly powerful), so it's not a scarab-sized scarab, 500mg Deltasone, 150mg Deltasone, but something more akin to a rust monster. Finally, 100mg Deltasone, Deltasone us, Vile Rebirth is a spell that allows you to take a creature from your graveyard (discard pile), remove it from the game, 1000mg Deltasone, Deltasone overseas, and spawn a zombie into the game.

I'm muddling this over, Deltasone paypal, Deltasone uk, and I think I've got it.

The PCs are traveling though a fairly uninhabited region, 30mg Deltasone, 10mg Deltasone, when they meet up with a ranger traveling in the same direction. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, He tells you that he's received news that in the village further down the road, villagers have mysteriously been vanishing without a trace. He intends to investigate, Deltasone ebay, Deltasone india, and invites the players to join him.

The players arrive in the village, Deltasone craiglist, 200mg Deltasone, where the magistrate of the village, a paladin on horseback, Deltasone japan, approaches the heroes and assures them that everything is fine. He has it handled. The players, naturally, stick around to investigate.

After some investigation, they find evidence that the missing villagers have been drug off into the sewer, Buy Deltasone No Prescription. Below, they find a few zombies infesting the tunnels, before stumbling upon a hidden sanctuary. There, the Paladin has given in to dark magic and is performing a vile ritual, killing villagers and raising them again as zombies. He intends to turn the village into his own army, and overthrow the local lord.

The players stop the anti-paladin, and save the village. Buy Deltasone No Prescription, Now, they just need to tell the villagers of their loss...

See. So easy. The next set of Magic is called Theros, and is based on Greek mythology (one of my favorite subjects). There should be some great adventures to spawn from that.

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