Behold, mighty Heracles, noble Perseus and famed Jason, master of the Argonauts. These mighty lords of old; blessed by the Olympians, hated by chthonian beasts and gods.

In Argo, you take on the role of one of the famous crew of Argonauts, led by the heroic Jason. The Argonauts come from all walks of life, heroes from the far-flung corners of Greece.

This game evokes the feel of inhuman mortals, demigods and invulnerable kings, thrust into the chaotic world of the unknown, venturing across the Aegean to find mythical artifacts, rescue villages in peril, free nobles from cultic sacrifice and repel Persian invaders.

As I began researching deeper into Greek Mythology, I discovered the geneses of the tropes we know. Many monsters we’ve battled in Dungeons & Dragons over the years found their origin in the tales of the Argo, Theseus, Troy and Heracles. Some stories are well known, such as how one escapes a Cretan Labyrinth or how to slay a Hydra. Others are more obscure, from the Boreads to the prophetic skills of the Argo itself.

Argo is coming soon from Dice Monkey Studios and is powered by Fate Accelerated.

If you are interested in joining the online playtest, please let us know on our Contact Us page.

More details will be coming soon.

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