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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello dice monkey, we’re the guys at TheGameForger and last 22 of October we launched our first kickstarter: Pandemonium. We funded in 5 hours, but now the campaign is moving slowly.
    As you’re a reference web inside the tabletop gaming world, we’d love if you could talk about our project to your audience. To us all help is vital.
    I leave you all the details of the game as well as a selection of images for download.

    If you think it would be interesting to review the game, just tell me and I can send you a preview prototype of it for you to try.
    Also, we could offer some free content of the game if you want to do a draw or something similar (we can give away some add-ons or even a copy of the game). Anyway, we’re open to suggestions, we need to expose the game to maintain the campaign alive.
    Thanks you so much and congratulations for your great site.

    Kickstarter campaign:

    Images selection:!2cVgmbKA!ZUbo2-F0KAztn3VdcxJUNrveYtF6trbtHKpuFAcJiDk

    Pandemonium takes the player to an unknown place inhabited by deadly creatures that will chase you relentlessly in an attempt to put an end to your life and devour your soul. Beginning as a typical horror story, the very foundations of this game pay tribute to the horror cinema from the 70s, 80s and 90s, borrowing their clichés and classic visual icons for a board game that is dynamic, agile, very entertaining and full of suspense, action and surprises.
    Cooperative, semi-cooperative and elimination modes, lots of miniatures, 250 cards, 150 tokens, custom dice, more than 100 unique Items, combos, pacts, events, traps, barricades, allies and adventures booklet.

    Fighting for our own survival, we will have to manage to escape from the house, invoke the Evil lurking inside and either defeat it or end up being corrupted by its darkness.
    It will be important to learn how to collaborate with our game mates, always keeping our eyes wide open to avoid unpleasant surprises, though. After all, none of those who find themselves trapped in this forgotten place are completely innocent… including you.

    Pandemonium launch date: 22 of October at 11.00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (New York).

    You can explore, run, create barricades, battle monsters, create combos, call for help, repair the light generator, create deadly traps and discover ancient secrets while you decide your next move: escape the house or defeat the evil in it.

    -1 to 5 players collaborative and semi-cooperative gameplay.
    -Amazing character miniatures!
    -Lots of creature 35 mm miniatures.
    -Tons of weapons and magic objects to help you on your journey.
    -12 level up combinations.
    -Unleash devastating attack combos.
    -Hundreds of different events make every play unique and fun.
    -12 beautifully detailed map tile combinations.
    -Customized dice.
    -Pact with the Devil or try to destroy it in the Ultimate Boss battle!

    Survival horror tabletop game with awesome miniatures. Fast turns, dynamic gameplay, easy rules and setup, lots of combinations, different game modes, modular maps, high quality components… enter Pandemonium and fight for your soul!

    The kickstarter campaign began this 22nd of October and offers exclusive stretch goals, with lots of references to classic horror movies. The Price is very competitive with an early bird of 69$ with everything unlocked.

  2. Greetings:

    I’ve gotten my first game Kickstarter going:

    “In 1846 the Donner-Reed party got snowbound in the Sierras a few weeks short of their California goal. Of the 81 settlers trapped there, only 45 survived until spring. Who will you eat to be one of them?”

    And despite me being in the game industry for what seems like forever, this is my first foray into crowdfunding and doing massive pushes via the internet. So bear with me on any faux pas I may be making here.

    If the game or the subject matter piques your interest, please give it a mention or if you only do reviews (or don’t talk about Kickstarters) keep an eye out for it after it becomes available. I’m more than happy to answer questions on it or do anything else that is neither illegal nor likely to result in me being ostracized by society, to increase awareness of the game. It’s a modest Kickstarter as far as games go, but I still want it to be as successful as possible.

    Thanks for your time,
    Greg Porter
    BTRC games
    BTRCgames on Facebook
    @btrcguy on Twitter

  3. Hello,
    My name is Chris Cummings. I’m the founder of Broken Archer, LLC. We develop board games and card games! We LOVE making games, but the biggest issue we are having is getting our name out there. We were wondering if you’d be able to help with that? We have several games we would love for you to sell/review and I could go on for days talking about them! Instead, please see our website and if you think this might be a good fit please let us know!


  4. Hello!

    First off, the brown-nosing – You guys are great! It’s nice knowing you’ve got little ones that you play games with at home. As a family guy, it’s good to see other dads that love gathering around a table with their peeps. Thanks for keeping it family friendly.

    Secondly, the request for a review – I’ve got a game called Eight Cards that is easy to learn/teach, quick to play, and super strategic with simple mechanics. We’re getting ready to launch on Kickstarter. This will be our second Kickstarter campaign and our third game, and we’d love as much feedback/hoorays/plugs as possible. I’d love to send you a preview copy to test out with big folks, little ones, and anybody else who has 10 minutes to spare.

    Let me know if you’re up for it and how to get you a copy of your own to review. In the meantime, thanks for the chance to get your opinion.


    Bryun Lemon
    Chapter Three Games

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