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Welcome to the Dice Monkey Shop. Here you can find dice bags and painting services.


Dice Monkey Dice Bags

Crocheting has been a long time hobby of mine.  Recently I decided that making dice bags seemed like a fun new activity.  Each bag is made from US produced and packaged yarns.  I make sure that each bag is made to endure.  The bottoms of the bags are double reinforced so that it will be protected during normal wear and tear.  Though the bags have a round shape the bottoms are crocheted in such a way that they are designed to remain standing.  I have personally made each and every one of these bags.  It is my sincere hope that you enjoy using them as much as I did making them.

Dice Bags come in 3 Sizes:

Jumbo – 15 Complete Dice Sets

Large – 10 Complete Dice Sets

Small – 5 Complete Dice Sets

Should you see a bag design that you like or have an idea for one please let me know.  I keep a wide variety of colors on hand and there’s a good probability that one can be made to suite your desire.

If you see a bag that you believe you would enjoy, but it has been sold, please contact us at and we’ll see what we can do!

Please click on pictures of dice bags to view larger

Jumbo Sized Specialty Dwarf Bag $35
Large Sized Specialty Werewolf Bag $25

Specialty Dice Monkey Dice Bag
Drawstring at back of neck made to open so dice can fill the body of the monkeyCan be made with or without a die between his hands
Updated Photo Coming Soon! Specialty Dragon Bag.  Not many people can pull their dice from the belly of the beast, but you can! $20
Small Sized Creeper Bag $15
Small Sized Double Thick Grey and Black Bag $10
Small Sized Pink and Purple Bag with Flower Embellishment $10
Large Sized Blue and Green Bag $10


Shipping & Handling includes Delivery Confirmation and is $3/bag for those mailed within the United States. For international orders e-mail for shipping costs.


Painting Services

Both Bridget and Mark have more than a dozen years of painting experience between the two of them.

We offer three different painting services: Master scale, Heroic scale and Minion scale. Details on each type can be found below.

All figures are undercoated, painted in Reaper paints, and are sprayed in clear-coat afterward to protect against wear-and-tear.

For more information on having a miniature painted, please contact us at

Master Scale

Master scale paint-jobs are designed for display. The painting is performed with the most sensitive eye for perfection, and can take hours to complete. A master scale job is meant for a piece you plan on displaying, or for using only in rare occasions in-game in order to preserve the paint quality.


Heroic Scale

Heroic scale figures are designed for tabletop play. Each figure is painted with perfection in mind, but do not take as long to paint as a Master Scale figure. This scale of painting is perfect for heroes, major campaign NPCs and fearsome foes.

Minion Scale

Minion scale figures are painted in bulk. Attention will be paid to the figures, but not on the scale of either Master or Heroic scale figures. This is the best option for when you are interested in having a larger group of figures painted. These will only be painted in groups of at least 5.


All prices are listed for human-sized miniatures.

Master Scale Miniatures: $30

Heroic Scale Miniatures: $15

Minion Scale Miniatures: $8


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