New Players, Desperate to Play

We ended up dropping our Song of Ice and Fire campaign in favor of a D&D Karthun campaign. One of my friends, a fellow Sailor, has been asking me about D&D, so this was the perfect opportunity to welcome him into roleplaying.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-8-47-14-amWhen everyone got together, he looked over the races and classes, and decided to go for a Gnome Barbarian. Yes, that’s right. A Gnome Barbarian. Turns our Redd the barbarian is a beast. He spent the first session recklessly smashing through everything, flying into rages and killing things at will.

Our new player loved it. He started sending me messages on Facebook asking if we could play sooner than one week later. He started writing to me about buying a character on HeroForge. He started telling his wife about it, piquing her interest.

What can you tell me about water elementals?” he asked.

The following week, he arrived, his wife along side him. He had told me she was nervous to try, but might just watch. No problem. When they sat down, I asked, “Would you like to play, or just watch right now?” She asked to roll up a character and jump in.

We now had a human magebound (wizard). She had a blast as well.

And now? Well, both have been asking me to run some one-shot adventures on the side for them (if only I had the time), and are out buying dice. I had to cancel last night’s game due to exhaustion, and our barbarian was begging me to play. He asked if he rolled a nat 20 if I would change my mind, then sent me a picture of a 20 before I could respond.

He asked me yesterday to teach him how to DM. He said none of his friends want to play with him. I told him, “You need better friends.”

I’ve created a monster…

So, what are some of the best ways you know of to attract new players into the hobby? Once they’re hooked, what do you do to keep them going? What do you recommend players pick up in order to become invested?

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