RPG Gear Review: Loaded Dice

Every once in a while, something comes along that you look at and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Lo and behold, something arrived in the mail that did.

John Carter (of Mars fame? Perhaps…) sent me the D20 glass, and it’s phenomenal.

The Kickstarter features glasses of different sizes based on the die size. From D4 shot glasses up to D20 pint glasses, you can imbibe while you play D&D or any other polyhedral-based RPG. Now: while the glasses look cool from the front, where the great features of the glasses comes to bear is on the back of the cup.

The back of the glass. You can make out the check marks there and see the numbers.

I’ll be using the D20 pint glass as an example, since that’s what I received. On the back of the glass, you’ll find sequential numbers from 1-20 from top to bottom. As you play, you’ll have points where you’ll need to roll. Having filled your pint glass, you’ll take a big swig. Wherever the top of the drink of choice falls once you set the glass down, that’s your roll. Drink deeply, you may get a crit. Take a sip, you may miss!

Does this inject a bit of non-random elements into the game? Sure. But this isn’t the type of glass you pull out or even use all the time. I’ll probably fill it at my next session and only utilize the pint when it is absolutely necessary to roll well. While they could have made the numbers random, it’s great to take a deep breath, brace yourself and drink.

These glasses would be fantastic for Drunkens and Dragons or the annual Drunken D&D at GenCon. I look forward to seeing how everyone reacts and utilizes the glasses.

The Kickstarter is well under way. As of this writing, they’ve got 15 days left and are on their way into stretch goals. Having seen a glass in person, I feel confident they’ll fulfill their rewards. Go check them out and back them today.

Screech Dragon Studios provided the reviewer with a copy of the product for review. Screech Dragon Studios is a design team consisting of Artist Mat Nicholson of Richmond, Virginia, and Game Designer John “Hex” Carter of Orlando, Florida. Their first collaboration, the card game TimeTrotters, will be published in 2017.

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