Two Games, Two Nights, Two Groups, One Game Master


I’m currently running two different game groups on two different nights. On Sundays, I run our Star Wars Vengeance Squadron campaign. On Thursdays, I run our Song of Ice and Fire: The Year of False Spring campaign. Both have completely different players and completely different roleplay styles. Only one is getting played regularly.

rhaegar_targaryen_by_paintmaster1-d77eihuA few months back, we kicked off our Song of Ice and Fire RPG with house creation and character creation. We have a red priestess, a maester, a mystery knight, a herald and an anointed knight. Only two of those characters are combat focused. All other characters focus almost exclusively on roleplaying. And roleplay they have. Three sessions in, and there hasn’t been a single sword drawn. The two combat-focused characters are more than happy to RPG as well. Next week, when the Grand Melee starts at the Tourney at Harrenhall, weapons will finally clash, and the two combat-focused characters are nervous for their characters’ lives.

Wait, did I say there’s only been three sessions? Yep. Playing on Thursdays has been tricky. We keep getting pulled away from play. All of July was out, and various things have limited us to playing very irregularly.

star-wars-1313-concept-art-01-670x388Not so with Star Wars. After having one of my players on the fly that we play Star Wars on Sunday nights, we’re kicking off our third session tonight. This group is very different from the Song of Ice and Fire group. Only two characters are non-combat focused (the medic and the senator), and while the first session didn’t include combat, the second session was all tactics and blaster fire. This group wouldn’t ever spend an entire session¬†entirely roleplaying like our other group. It’s a pretty cool difference.

So, what’s similar? Well, without realizing it, the villains. When I kicked off the SoIaF campaign, we set up the noble house (House Sheppard), and had to determine who the house’s antagonists are. I decided the antagonistic household was House Rand. They’re an ambitious group, hoping to topple House Sheppard’s standing among the noble houses. They’ve encountered the family a few times, getting harassed and goaded along the way. The group hadn’t met in almost two months when we kicked off our Star Wars campaign. I had completely forgotten the name of the antagonists in our SoIaF campaign, without it even on my mind, when I named the group’s Imperial antagonist Lieutenant Commander Rand.

So now both campaigns feature the same villain. At least, the same name.

I’ll be providing campaign updates and advice as both of these games progress. Watch this space.

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