Star Wars Campaign Kickoffs

Star_Wars_RPG_Art_CristiB_NightAttackYesterday, a mass text was sent out. Klaxxons fired as one of my players in my board game group said he wants to start playing Star Wars again. Everyone on the mass text agreed, and the question was raised: Start Sunday evening?

Okay! I’ve got till tonight to figure it out! Time to get planning!
So, what’s the plan? First, we’ll have to decide which system we’ll be using. I own the D6 system, the D20 system (all three versions) and the FFG system. I’m thinking we’ll be doing the FFG system, but perhaps I can persuade them into the D6 system.


Now, of the FFG system, what set of books? I’ve tried mixing the three FFG books together (Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire and Force and Destiny) and it doesn’t work so well. I’d rather focus on one specific campaign concept. I’ve had a few campaign ideas mulling around my head in the last few months. Here’s what I’ve been thinking of. I’ll be presenting these ideas to my players tonight, but I’d love to get your feedback. Which would you love to play?

  1. swoop_squadron_by_ryan_rhodes-d7th0g1Vengence Squadron. A group of Rebel Pilots sprung up from the ashes of Alderaan seeking out Imperial targets and removing them no matter the stakes. All players would need to have some skill in piloting, but also would need skills for ground-based espionage.
  2. Evacuation! The heroes are aboard the Tantive IV when it comes under attack by Imperial forces. They need to figure out how to abandon the ship and find their way back to the Rebellion.
  3. Order 66. The players are a group of Clone Troopers who are escorting a Jedi on a distant planet, when they are ordered to execute Order 66. Will they, or will they turn against the Empire and go on the run?
  4. The Big Haul. The players are a crew onboard a large freighter running on a skeleton crew. They’re on their backup hyperdrive generator out in deep space, delivering a mysterious cargo to mysterious buyers. They encounter strange happenings not only in the Outer Rim and beyond, but within their own ship as well.
  5. Home Sweet Homestead. The players are colonists on a planet established by a Planetary Survey. They now must survive against not only terrifying wildlife, but the terrible weather, other colonists, and space pirates.
  6. Isolation’s Price. This is the campaign I started to run a while back, which stopped after two sessions. I could definitely get it going again.

Do you have any campaign concepts you’ve wanted to run but never have? I’d love to hear them!


One thought on “Star Wars Campaign Kickoffs

  1. My primary interests would be 4 (space mystery-horror) followed by 2 (film tie in).

    I like 5 in general, but it would seem to negate a lot of the reasons for playing SW in the first place.

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