ASoIaF: House Sheppard

A big element of A Song of Ice and Fire is creating a house for the players to rally around, be a part of. Our first session involved creating this house, followed by character creation. Our house creation established House Sheppard, and I wrote out the history of the house, based on the decisions the players made. They also designed the house sigil based on the arms creator in the book. Enjoy!


House Sheppard was founded in the year 44 AC by none other than Maegor the Cruel, king of Westeros. In response to an unknown slight by an unknown house, Maegor destroyed the minor family, giving their land and bestowing all titles to a small family of sheep herders on the shores of the Bay of Crabs. Called House Sheppard, the small house grew to encompass a minute region between Saltpans and Wickenden. Their elaborate and magnificent castle by the sea is known as Roadstead. In 98 AC, at the Great Tourney at King’s Landing, Ser Alain Sheppard brought great honor and glory upon his house by distinguishing himself as a great fighter and being named a member of the King’s Guard.

In 129 AC, during the turbulent Dance of the Dragons, House Sheppard backed Aegon the 2nd, but lost many men at Maidenpool. The war left their lands devastated, their population nearly wiped out. During the Blackfyre Rebellion of 196 AC, House Sheppard fought for the Targaryens once again, supporting them against the Blackfyre pretenders.

In 221 AC, the lord of House Sheppard, Lord Davyd travelled across the Narrow Sea for unknown reasons. The following year, he returned, with a bastard babe in arms, scandalizing the region.

During the Third Blackfyre Rebellion of 219 AC, the knights of House Sheppard fought alongside House Lannister. During one of the great battles near The Neck, Jon Sheppard, heir to Roadstead, fell in battle to Bittersteel, throwing the house into chaos. The inheritance fell to his nephew, Alyn Sheppard, a boy of 12.

The recent years have been very kind to House Sheppard. Increased taxes on ships coming into King’s Landing has sent ships to Roadstead, increasing the fortunes of House Sheppard. A Tyroshi pirate, Luciar Jko, has been hired to train House Sheppard’s defensive navy, while the captain of the guard, Ryon Stone, has been raising up a new garrison to defend Roadstead.

House Rand are the Bannermen to House Sheppard, but in recent years they have had greater fortunes. They are located higher up into the mountains north of Roadstead, where they make use of the iron mines. They have long chafed at serving as bannermen, and long for a day when they can step in and replace House Sheppard as liege lords for the region. The year is now 281.

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