Event Review : Edinburgh Board and Video Game Society All-Day Gaming

Editor’s Note: We’re happy to welcome back Rosslyn, who previously wrote about Pathfinder for us. Welcome back, Rosslyn!


Last Saturday the Edinburgh Board and Video Game Society held their second full-day gaming event. I was at the previous event of this sort, and a good time was had by all with many new people joining in and lots of new games being experienced.

Around 100 people showed up for the daytime gaming, which took place from 10.30am-5pm at the Edinburgh Grassmarket Cafe. Gaming then progressed to the Kilderkin pub, which is near the bottom of the Royal Mile. Approximately 30 people continued gaming late into the night, amidst much merriment and happy banter. The event was very successful, and the intention is presently for these to become a bi-monthly occurrence.

These events have four event organisers, who are all very friendly and welcoming. They helped shy newcomers (and gamers in general) to choose and arrange or join games, and are pleasantly approachable.

tumblr_inline_nzgrejlP8n1t0v95f_500This second event coincided with quite a few other events, not least of all a Netrunner tournament which lured quite a few people away. However it was still a very popular event, with a good large room full of people playing all kinds of games – and around 30 folk continued on for evening and late night gaming at the Kilderkin.

Located Centrally, the Grassmarket Cafe is in a convenient location, near many bus routes and a reasonable distance from the Kilderkin for further gaming.

The venue was very nice, with a large main gaming room and extra space upstairs when we needed extra room. The staff at the Grassmarket cafe are very friendly and pleasant, and the food is excellent; with a good selection of drinks and food available.

The Kilderkin is also a good size, with lots of room for gaming and pleasant staff with a good atmosphere.

Game-by-Game-2015-09-Codenames-1Lots of people brought along games to this game day, and the selection was enormous. There were duplicates of some games, and all manner of games, from Creation and Codenames to Exploding Kittens, was brought – so there was plenty of choice. There was even an enormous game of “Two Rooms and a Boom” organised, at one point – making use of the layout of the Kilderkin to facilitate playing of a game which got many people talking and playing together.

I have only heard positive comments from people about this event, and personally I had great fun and really enjoyed meeting people and playing games – both new ones and firm favourites.

I am glad that these events have been so popular, as I would like for them to continue being a regular occurrence for a good long time to come. I highly recommend these events to anybody in the Edinburgh area (or further afield) who has an interest in gaming.

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