Torchbearer Session 2: Across the Wilderness


When last we saw our heroes, they had managed to convince an ancient wraith that the village a couple hours away would pay her their respects once a year. They also managed to rescue a small girl, and were on their way back to Skogenby to deliver the girl.

My brother decided to join us for Torchbearer! He’s decided to be a Human Ranger, which is easy to do, simply by changing his Stock to Human and making a few minor tweaks to some Traits. He’s got a great backstory, which we’ll be working at exploring as the game progresses.

This week opened with some book-keeping. We didn’t determine MVP or Team Player from last time, so we did that. Then we dove into the game.

0f29df73bd91dd980abfe1bf6e178cdaThe heroes brought the small girl back to the village, and in the morning, the villagers had gathered and wanted to know how she was recovered. A brilliant speech (both physically, as well as good rolling) by the Warrior convinced the villagers to use the “day of respect” as a day of remembrance for those who died, and a reminder not to go venturing into dark places. They knew the villagers had nothing of value to give the players, so they set off for Lady Gry’s manor to tell her what happened and demand payment.

The village’s ranger offered his services, allowing Andrew, my brother to step into play. They ventured across the wilderness toward the manor, knowing that the House of Three Squires, a known watering hole for torchbearers and other people of ill repute was nearby. They could stop there to refresh before meeting Lady Gry.

The journey across the wilderness consisted of many poor rolls, leading to the players all becoming Exhausted, Hungry & Thirsty, and some Injured and others Angry. It didn’t help that at one point, the Wizard decided to make a name for himself by wandering off into the forest alone to hunt… with no hunting skills to speak of, and only a dagger. Hearing something growling behind him, he bolted, succeeded on his Run Away conflict, but lost his dagger in the process.

tavern_concept_drawing_by_lorti88So, they finally arrived at the House of Three Squires, exhausted and ready to relax, only to find the place abandoned and ruined. Venturing inside, it looked like bandits of some sort, but blood led through the kitchen toward the stairs going down to the basement. “Perhaps one person survived and pulled themselves down into the basement?” they wondered. The Warrior stepped forward onto the stairs to head down…

…Which gave way, crumbling into boards as he fell into the basement. A good roll narrowly avoided breaking his leg. The others ventured down into the basement via some well-placed stools.

Once down there, they found a small trove of weapons, a sickly dog, and an entrance to some natural caves. It looked like whatever it was that had attacked the House of Three Squires had burrowed through the basement. They headed into the tunnels… and the Ranger nearly fell into a pit trap. “Hmmm… an awful lot of traps around here,” they muttered.

3875ec0a034eaaf6c8261fd96662c2f4They rounded a corner to find… Kobolds! A pack of kobolds were the culprits. The group sitting in this chamber appeared to be playing dice games with human knuckle bones. The Warrior and Ranger both fired off their bows, killing one Kobold, which kicked off the Conflict.

We set up dispositions on both sides, laid out our cards, and revealed. It was a Vs. roll, with the Warrior rushing the Kobolds. An abysmal roll on my part, and an incredible roll on his part led to the Kobolds losing all disposition, with the heroes losing none. We narrated how the heroes moved in, slaying them all quickly and quietly.


The heroes are now exhausted, hungry & thirsty, and injured. And they haven’t even ventured that deep into the dungeon. Next week’s going to be a bumpy ride. Wish them luck!


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