365 Games in 365 Days: Games 1-41

Over on Board Game Geek, Cody Rushing suggested a challenge: 365 game plays in 365 days. I’ve taken up that challenge, incorporating both board games and RPGs. Here’s what I’ve played so far:

  1. Sentinels of the Multiverse. Played with Bridget. Legacy and Tachyon vs. Baron Blade in Metropolis. We won, but just by a hair.
  2. Imperial Harvest
    Imperial Harvest

    Imperial Harvest. Played with Bridget. An interesting chess/collection game, going through a garden with barbarians and wizards and collecting strawberries.

  3. Skyline. Played with Bridget. It’s a dice game where each side represents part of the construction of a skyscraper. You are attempting to build a skyline with lots of buildings of different sizes.
  4. Deck Building: The Deck Building Game. You’re using deck-building mechanics to build a deck. Clever concept, plays well.
  5. Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Our character creation session. I was surprised how easy it was to run 8 people through character creation with this system.
  6. D&D 5th Edition. Out of the Abyss. Jumped back into the game after the winter break. The heroes were sent back into the Underdark by Breunor Battlehammer.
  7. CY-pW0yU0AE2jUw
    Imperial Assault

    Imperial Assault. Our Sunday game. This session, we played through a couple of scenarios, and realized we’re ready to move on to different games.

  8. Chez Geek. After one of the players left after Imperial Assault, we sat down and played an old classic. I really enjoy this game as a filler game.
  9. Guillotine. Sat down with Bridget and played this. It’s a staple in this house.
  10. D&D 5th Edition. More Out of the Abyss. The heroes ventured through the Underdark to Blingdenstone, and began to discover a jelly invasion of the deep gnome city.
  11. Boss Monster. This one’s a staple around the house. Sat down with Bridget and ended up getting my ass kicked. Too many adventurers, not enough traps.
  12. Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Our first session of Isolation’s Price, which you can read about here.
  13. CZ60TGcUEAE0d_p
    Bottom of the Ninth

    Bottom of the Ninth. I feel like we’re going to be seeing a lot of this throughout the year. A great, quick game which takes place in the most crucial part of a baseball game: The game is tied in the bottom of the ninth inning. One person plays the away team, pitching to the home team.

  14. Magic: The Gathering. I took my old Elf deck and converted it into a Pauper Elf deck (all commons, no uncommons or rares) because our shop has started a weekly Pauper tournament. I wanted to test the deck out, but one of my friends only had a Modern deck. I figured I’d get wiped out pretty quick, but managed to defeat him pretty soundly.
  15. Magic: The Gathering. He wanted a rematch, so we went another round. I once again trampled him pretty badly.
  16. Machi Koro. Wasn’t expecting to like this one quite as much as I did. It’s a great little engine-building game, where the engine is a cute little Japanese town.
  17. Love Letter. Taught one of my co-workers how to play. They’ve been wanting to learn for a while, and now they can explain the game better to customers.
  18. CZd1jp6VIAAV43I
    Sushi Go!

    Sushi Go! Finally sat down to learn how to play this with Bridget. It seems like it would be better with more than two players.

  19. The Red Dragon Inn. Played with Bridget. Again, seems like it would be better with more than two, but I really like it! It’s a nice, simple game with light strategy.
  20. Colt Express. Gabe (the 7-year-old) wanted to learn how to play, so did I, so we sat down and tried it out. It’s a ton of fun! And the 3D train and terrain helped. We’ll be seeing quite a bit more of this.
  21. Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Had the regular Imperial Assault guys over, and decided to play a few different games. Escape is fantastic, and only takes 10 minutes to play. Playing more than once in a row is inadvisable, because the game fries your brain.
  22. Colt Express
    Colt Express

    Colt Express. Having played this earlier in the day, I now was able to teach the game to the guys. Better with three players, but the game ended with petty shooting at each other at the end, not grabbing any treasure.

  23. Bottom of the Ninth. After one of the players left, I sat down and played this with the remaining player.
  24. D&D 5th Edition. Out of the Abyss. The Battle of Blingdenstone! It went great, with the players battling an army of Jellies and Oozes.
  25. Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Game 2 of Isolation’s Price. You can read about it here.
  26. Bottom of the Ninth. This has become one of my co-worker’s favorite games. He’s really good at both predicting someone’s bluff, as well as bluffing himself.
  27. Bottom of the Ninth. I challenged him again… and lost again.
  28. Torchbearer

    Torchbearer. Character creation and the adventure! We dove right in, and you can read the results here.

  29. Machi Koro. Played with the 7-year-old this time. He doesn’t get the strategy at all, for pretty much any game, but it gives me the chance to spend time with him and also practice my own strategy.
  30. D&D 5th Edition. Out of the Abyss. The heroes ventured to Gracklstugh, and found it destroyed. Taking a couple of ships, they made their way toward Mantol-Derith, but encountered pirates along the way.
  31. Sushi Go! Played with one co-worker, while another watched, eagerly waiting for the game to end.
  32. Sushi Go! Played with the other co-worker. She’s been really wanting to play this, so was happy to get the chance to try.
  33. Flick 'em Up!
    Flick ’em Up!

    Flick ’em Up! Taught a father and his two sons how to play at the shop. They were young, but picked up on it by the end.

  34. Flick ’em Up! After watching me teach one group, a dad brought his kids over to learn, then promptly left them to go shopping elsewhere in the mall. I’m not your babysitter, dude. Still, the kids had a good time.
  35. Loopin’ Chewie. The kids love this game, and I really do love how stupidly fun it is. The game is only set up for three players, so Bridget, Gabe, Eliza and I all swap out who’s playing.
  36. D&D 5th Edition. Out of the Abyss. The players ventured to Manitol-Derith, where they met with the Zhentarim, then ventured to Gravenhollow to find out why the Demon Lords have returned.
  37. Maskmen. I ran a game night at the shop, and had five players show up! In this game, which luchadore is the strongest? The game has great visuals, text-less cards, and a great mechanic.
  38. Nuclear War
    Nuclear War

    Nuclear War. Nuked all to hell! No one won, which is the best way to end any game of Nuclear War.

  39. Colt Express. Five players really makes this game pop! Tons of character interaction, and the game still ran surprisingly quickly.
  40. Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Three of the five of us escaped! Sadly, this means we all lost.
  41. Dingo’s Dreams. This one, Jonathan brought in, and it’s a really cool little puzzle game. Complete the pattern before anyone else does. There’s zero player interaction, but it was a really beautiful game.

That’s all the games for now! We’ll be continuing to update you on our progress for the year.

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