More Torchbearer Prep


Tonight we’re kicking off Torchbearer! I’m very excited, and have been printing off character sheets and player cheat-sheets getting ready. As you saw the other day, I’ve been looking at maps from OSR Today, but I’ve just today discovered I’ll See it When I Believe It. Michael Prescott over there has come up with some really fantastic looking adventures. Each adventure is system-neutral and features a gorgeous map, which he releases under CC-BY-NC as you can see below.


He also has released a fantastic map which points to all the different one-page adventures he’s designed. I think I’ll be using it for my own Torchbearer campaign. Check it out.

Looking over the two adventures, Dread Crypt of Skogenby and Under the House of Three Squires, I think I’ll be starting the campaign with Skogenby, followed by Three Squires (the opposite of what I stated the other day.)

I’ll let you know if the campaign ends with a TPK first session.

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