The Battle of Blingdenstone

I’m running Out of the Abyss right now, and the players have acquired an army to venture back into the Underdark in order to overthrow the Demon Lords.

They bypassed the Deep Gnome city of Blingdenstone when they first ventured through the Underdark, so I decided I wanted them to go to the city, and having a deep gnome in the party definitely helped.

One problem? According to the adventure, the heroes should be going to Blingdenstone before they acquire an army. Now they’ve got an army. So what do I do? I have the Pudding King and his jellies attempting to completely overthrow the city of Blingdenstone.

To accomplish this, we ended on a cliffhanger before the battle would begin, and we’ll be diving in this Wednesday. I’ve taken the map of the city, blown it up, and gridded it. Then, I’ve made little tokens representing the enemy units and the heroic units. The heroes will be represented by their own miniatures.

Here’s the map. Click it to enbiggen it.


You can click here to download the PDF which breaks it down into multiple pages for printing.

Also, here’s the token page.


I’ll be working on writing up rules for armies, inspired by Hard Boiled Armies by Fred Hicks. I’ll try to share those soon.

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