Diving Back In After The Holiday


I’m supposed to be returning to my D&D campaign tonight, but I’ve got the night off! We’ll be back to Out of the Abyss next week, however, with the heroes summoned to Gauntlgrym to speak to the Dwarf King Breunor Battlehammer.

It’s a known fact that many campaigns die over Christmas, but I figure it’ll be like last year, and everyone will happily dive back in.

So, how am I preparing to get my campaign up off the ground again? It’s been a month-long Christmas dry-spell.

I know that I want the campaign to begin with a bang, so I’ve been working on putting together maps and painting miniatures.

Putting Together Maps: I’m using Skeleton Key Games maps to create the halls of Gauntlgrym. The Halls of the Dwarf King maps are particularly good, helping me build Battlehammer’s throne room. This room is where they’ll be convincing the powerful leaders of Faerun to send their greatest warriors back in the Underdark.

Here’s Breunor’s hall (click to enbiggen):


Painting Miniatures: Those “greatest warriors”? I’m working on painting up a whole ton of minis to join the heroes battle the Demon Lords. I’ve got a host of elves from the Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game which will serve as agents of the Emerald Enclave. I’ve got a few other figures which I’ll be incorporating in. Some of the various groups have some uninspired options, so there may be a few Zentarhim Gnolls joining the battle in order to stop their mad brethren. Here, you can see a blurry shot of my Emerald Enclave Elves (click to enbiggen).


I’m looking forward to getting back in, and I’m a little grateful for the delay, as it gives me more time to put together more maps and paint up more miniatures.

How have your games been going? Did you take a break over Christmas break? If so, has it been easy getting back into the game?

One thought on “Diving Back In After The Holiday

  1. Never really skipped a beat here. Yeah… we normally try to play every week and had to skip a week or two here or there, but the group is pretty dedicated and hey… what better time to try out new swag acquired during the holiday? Huzzah!

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