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Middle Aged Street Punk Bust by JeshieldsI loved D20 Modern. Having run the original D20 Star Wars as my first RPG, I happily shifted over and ran quite a few games for D20M, including an Urban Arcana game, a 1940’s Godfather-esque game, and even an Old West campaign using Sidewinder Recoiled. I’ve decided to start working on adapting D20 Modern (Available as an SRD) into 5th Edition. I’ll be sharing with you some design notes along the way.
To begin with, there’s a few things I’ll be doing. Firstly, I won’t be copying text from D&D, as I don’t want to infringe on their game, especially because there hasn’t been an SRD put out for 5e. Instead, I’ll be focusing on D20Modern elements to adapt over. So, the final PDF will tell readers to refer to the D&D PHB for actual rules. I’ll be adapting over as much as I can, leaving out some elements that I find unnecessary, and making sure to keep in the great elements that made D20Modern so great. So, what will Modern5 have in it?

Classes: I’ll be using the Classes presented in D20 Modern as new classes for 5e, adapting them to match 5e.

Races: Any races from D20 Modern, Future and Arcana will be adapted and featured.

Skills: New skills not found in 5e.

Feats: New feats!

NPCs: NPCs and monsters from D20 Modern will be adapted over to 5e.

Spells: New Technomancy Spells will be adapted over.

Backgrounds: The careers in D20 Modern will be reimagined as Backgrounds.

Vehicles: I’ll have to make these work for 5e.

Equipment: Weapons, armor, and other equipment will all be adapted over.

It’s a big undertaking, but I’d be happy to get any assistance you would all like to provide! If you’d like to assist, let me know here or on Twitter.


Middle Aged Street Punk Bust by Jeshields.

5 thoughts on “Modern5: D20 Modern for 5th Edition: Intro

  1. I’d also like to help, and I’m particularly keen on helping you update the vehicle rules (including Mecha and Starships from d20 Future).

  2. I’d love to be involved with this if you’re still looking for assistance! d20 Modern was my first real foray into tweaking/design for RPGs, so I feel fairly well versed in that world.

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