Star Wars: Isolation’s Price

Starting in January, besides by D&D Out of the Abyss campaign, I’ll be running a Star Wars FFG campaign on Thursdays. This is my campaign concept. If you’re in my upcoming Star Wars campaign, stop reading now.

Chandrila215,000 years ago, a group of Jedi found themselves lost in hyperspace after a faulty astrogation calculation. Hurled into the Unknown Regions, the Jedi were pulled from hyperspace in a star system they called Spara. Their hyperdrive was destroyed, unable to function ever again. There, they settled on the fertile world of Lacedaema, where, for a few generations, they practiced the ways of the Force in peace. Soon, however, they shifted their focus from morality to honor, focusing on a ferocious survival-of-the-fittest model where only the strong survived. From an early age, children were trained in the ways of The Force to be great warriors. On each planet within the system they built combat skills for every environment. Their lightsabers, bound to batteries on their belts, shifted in style to lightspears with cortosis hafts. They carried energy shields and trained in group tactics, becoming one with their units through The Force. Their technological advancements waned. They began to rely wholly on the Force. They abandoned sublight engines in favor of contingents of Force-Users pushing their ships through space.

So great was their reliance on the Force that Sparan citizens who had no Force-sensitivity were relegated to second-class citizen status. The more powerful in the Force you were, the higher you were elevated in position, the more training you received. The Sparans believed themselves to be the inheritors of the Galaxy, and chose to bide their time until they could learn the technology behind hyperspace travel again. In order to ensure they would have a standing army when the time came, the greatest warriors were placed in carbon freeze to be awoken at a later date. Each generation, at the age of 30, be sent by the hundreds to the Chambers of Silence.

dealing_with_the_guild_by_kerembeyit-d3elnad8,000 years ago, a Sparan warrior raised himself above all others. He was incredibly strong in the Force, more powerful than any seen before. They trained him more intensely, pushed him harder, threatened his life more than any other. He was kept from the Chambers of Silence until he was the perfect weapon. At the age of 50 he was sent to the Chambers and joined his brothers and sisters. Every few generations he is awoken and given a status update of how the army is faring, how the Sparans have done in researching hyperspace travel.

Enter the Jedi (The players).

A group of Jedi, on the run from the Empire, stumble upon the system when a hyperspace calculation goes awry. The Sparans welcome them with welcome arms. The place looks like a utopia. They are given tours of the planets within the system, and are treated with great hospitality. When they try to return to their ship, they discover it has been stripped of its hyperdrive. The Sparans tell them they will be reverse-engineering the drive to achieve hyperspace capabilities and capture the Jedi so they can’t attempt to make contact, but not before they fire off a distress call, seeking aid.

endor_rebel_commando_redesign_by_kvlticon_devianta_by_baronneutron-d78s3vlThe players then create Rebel characters. This task-force has received the distress signal, and is sent by the council to rescue the Jedi. Arriving in-system, they discover the Sparans shredding an Imperial fleet that arrived en masse, having also heard the distress call. The Rebels are largely ignored, as they didn’t show up aggressively, and as non-Force users, they are seen as being of little importance. The rebels will need to infiltrate the Sparan prisons and free the Jedi. During their mission, they will find out about the carbon freezing chambers, and learn that there are more than a billion Sparans frozen and waiting to be awoken. After freeing the Jedi, they’ll need to send a team of scoundrels, slicers and spies to steal away the information about hyperspace technology from the Sparans, and perhaps blow up their facilities that are building the new engines.

Enter Edge of the Empire, where the heroes will create brand new characters for this branch of the story. An elaborate heist will be planned and executed. If they succeed, they’ll keep the Sparan Empire at bay, trapped in their home system. If they fail, they’ll have a billion powerful Force-users descend on the galaxy to subjugate it under their rule.

Thoughts on the campaign?

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Isolation’s Price

  1. Great concept! I like how such a radical culture has evolved out of a group of Jedi.
    The only problem I have with your description of this is the stated number of Sparans in storage. Yes, it may sound nitpicky, but 1 billion sounds WAY too many for the timeframe (and storage rate) you mention.
    Even if we say (generously) that the practice of warrior storage in the Chambers of Silence started within the first 1000 years of this planets new culture, and each generation, as you say, they send warriors by ‘the hundreds’, you couldn’t get to a billion, not even close.
    So for anal-retentiveness sake (sorry), let’s do some quick table napkin calculations. Let’s say a ‘generation’ is about 20 years.

    15000 years divided by a 20 year generation = roughly 750 generations of doing this

    You say ‘by the hundreds’ not ‘by the thousands’, so we will be generous and say the largest number we can generally get without going into the thousands.

    750 generations multiplied by 999 warriors sent in each = 749,250

    So if you really want to stick with the 1 billion number, you need to up your quoted rates of storage, or else you could play it loose and just say 1 million in storage instead of 1 billion.

    Or my calculations could be way off because of…. reasons, and you can tell me to just relax and go with it.
    I’m good either way 🙂

    1. You make a really good point. I hadn’t done the math on it, but it makes sense. Yeah, one million works. I’ll go with that. Thanks!

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