A Lack of Inspiration in 5e


I’ve found that I generally forget to hand out Inspiration in 5th Edition. While, when the game first came out, I handed it out like candy (sometimes literally, I gave out candy), I’ve found myself forgetting more and more often to hand it out.

What happened? Every edition of D&D before happened. This is brand new to me, and to all of the other players. They’ve forgotten to mention it, I’ve forgotten to give it. I don’t think I’ve had this problem with other rules, such as action points or Force points (in older versions of Star Wars), so I don’t know why Inspiration is such a difficult thing for me to remember to hand out.

So what’s to be done? I’ve got a couple of ideas:

1. Pop-Tents: Give each player a little table tent to write their Ideals, Bonds and Flaws on, on two sides: One of them to see (and actually use), one for me to see. If I see them acting accordingly, I’ll be more likely to award it. I can’t keep looking down at my notes to see if they’re acting in accordance with their characters, but little table tents with their vital information scrawled large in sharpie should do the trick, I would hope.

DMG-Party22. The Die of Doom: The rules for Inspiration state that players can give other players their Inspiration. This triggered an idea. I own a fairly large D20, which I call the Die of Doom, because it’s large enough to end someone if I were to chuck it at them. The Die of Doom is the table’s Inspiration. At the beginning of the session, I hold the Die of Doom. It’s sitting there right for everyone to see as a reminder it exists. If a player does something to trigger Inspiration, I pass the die to them. If they use it, they hand it back, but they can also pass it on to another player. The die will move around the table, allowing the players to assist one another by handing it off at crucial moments.

Those are my two ideas. Have you used Inspiration in an interesting way in your D&D games?

2 thoughts on “A Lack of Inspiration in 5e

  1. I concur. I never give it out, because I forget and the player’s forget to ask.

    It is a very cool mechanic, but for some reason it breaks the flow of roleplaying and is easily overlooked.

    Also, players forget to use it as well, so I don’t think its just handing it out issue.

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