Mounts in Frostgrave

There aren’t any rules in Frostgrave for mounted combat, so I thought I’d write up some of my own. I think it should work pretty well. I’ve included a riding bear because I’ve found a fantastic Reaper mini which has a dwarf riding a bear. Why not?


concept5When a character mounts or dismounts a horse or any other kind of animal, they must end their movement. The mount acts in conjunction with the character as though they were the same character. The mount may attack during the Soldier phase. If the mount is left alone, they will stay in place. They will not attack unless attacked if standing on their own. If acting independently due to being attacked, they act during the creature phase. If fighting in combat with a mounted character, a character may choose whether or not they want to attack the hero or the mount. When shooting at a mounted character, declare whether or not you are shooting at the mount or the rider, then roll a d20. On a 1-5, your arrow strikes the target you weren’t intending to hit. On a 6-20, your arrow strikes the target you were intending. You must still roll to hit that target.

While mounts cannot themselves pick up treasure, they may carry one treasure. A character may approach a mount and give one treasure to the mount. The mount is not slowed by being laden with treasure.

Soldier Move Fight Shoot Armour Will Health Cost Notes
Riding Horse 10 0 +0 10 +0 12 100gc  Animal, Mount, Large
 Riding Bear  6 +4 +0 10 +0 14  175gc  Animal, Mount, Large
 Warhorse  10  +2  +0  12  +2  15  200gc  Animal, Mount, Large

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