Question of the Week: What’s the most important piece of adventuring gear?

excerpt_35PHBHey everyone, I’m setting up a weekly discussion and question here on Dice Monkey, wherein I ask a question, and you all get talking down in the comments. I’ll try to approve first-time commenters very quickly so that everyone can participate.

So, as said up above: What’s the most important piece of adventuring gear? One of my favorite things to do in character creation is to go through the equipment list and pick out everything I would need. I’ll go ahead and grab the SRD list of adventuring gear, special substances, and tools here:

Adventuring GearCaltropsCandleChainCrowbarFlint and SteelGrappling HookHammerInk,, Jug, ClayLamp, CommonLantern, BullseyeLantern, HoodedLockManaclesOilRam, PortableRope, HempenRope, SilkSpyglassTorchVial

Special Substances And ItemsAcidAlchemist’s FireAntitoxinEverburning TorchHoly WaterSmokestickSunrodTanglefoot BagThunderstoneTindertwig

Tools And Skill KitsAlchemist’s LabArtisan’s ToolsArtisan’s Tools, MasterworkClimber’s KitDisguise KitHealer’s KitHoly Symbol, Silver or WoodenUnholy SymbolsMagnifying GlassMusical InstrumentScale, Merchant’sSpell Component PouchSpellbook, Wizard’s (Blank)Thieves’ ToolsThieves’ Tools, MasterworkTool, MasterworkWater Clock

If you can think of any further items, you can feel free to suggest those. I’d love to see some interesting and unusual answers. How can you use these items creatively?


5 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What’s the most important piece of adventuring gear?

  1. The rope. A close second is the shovel. 🙂

    Actually, do you not include the weapons or spellbooks as adventuring gear? If I were a fighter, I wouldn’t want to be without my sword. A sword can kill stuff so I can eat, and even work as an ad-hoc shovel if I need to deposit my business in the woods.

    Or, a shovel could be used as as weapon…

  2. Being a bit of a smartass here, but the most important item isn’t even on those lists.

    It’s the backpack.

    Second and third most important are also not there: waterskin and hatchet.

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