My Family’s (Risk) Legacy




It ended in blood, as all wars must. Treaties are an afterthought. Only gloating remains.

I bought my copy of Risk Legacy two Christmas’s ago while visiting my family. Since then my mother, brother, and I have talked mountains of smack while waiting for the chance to end this bloody conflict and earn the right to name our war-torn mud ball. The first year we played nine games. Last year, only 4. This year, two games remained. One of us would stand, two would never hear the end of it.


Game 14 went to me. It wasn’t a special game.¬†I simply learned to resist getting drawn into small border wars with my brother that escalate into full-on invasions leading up to being named the “Bringer of Nuclear Fire” (see last year’s recap) that later leave me helpless as Mom takes advantage of our pissing contests. Combined with no longer having to remind Mom about taking bonuses because of her bunkers, I was able to focus on soundly thrashing everything that stood before me.


Game 15 was Roland’s. My string of good rolls was over and done with and my brother used his ability to place troops wherever he wanted to surprise my barely-secured Alaska. From there, he marched right up and took my HQ. Combined with beating the tar out of Mom’s homeland, Mother Russia, and trading in cards for a star token, the game was over.

In the end, it was a tie between Roland and Mom, both with eight wins each. A roll-off commenced. My mother’s preference for naming continents paid off and she was crowned supreme victor. She named the planet…


We played a final game after mom named the planet. Roland won, partially due to unlocking the remaining sealed bin and revealing himself as the Alien collaborator. Further, his decision to place the Alien Island, with its accompanying sea lines, between Madagascar and Australia, allowed him to waltz into my weak back line and take my HQ with ease. The Alien reinforcements¬†ensured that Mother’s normally secure Russia would again fall.



Of course, we’re not done. SeaFall, designed by the same guy as Risk Legacy, comes out next year and is promised to be another legacy style game. At that time, the Pacheco family will again do battle. Civil war indeed.

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