Dungeons & Dice Age




Dungeon is absolutely gorgeous, but after a few games it gets repetitive. So, I dragged it kicking and screaming into the Dice Age.

I call this variant Dungeon Punk. During your movement phase, roll any or all of the Type 4 dice (have 3 of them). You may move up to the total number rolled. In addition, if any symbols are rolled:

  • Gear: You may trade any one Treasure card for any Spell card, even if you’re not playing a Wizard.
  • Square: At the end of your move, draw a Treasure card for your current area. That loot drops in the room, chamber, or corridor in which you end your move. If there are no monsters there at the end of your turn, you may pick it up.
  • Triangle: At the end of your move, draw a Monster card for your current area. That monster appears in the room, chamber, or corridor in which you end your move.

The Gear symbol represents converting treasure into charges for whatever magical gear you make up. The Square represents finding unguarded (or just more) treasure. The Triangle represents being ambushed by monsters, sometime where they shouldn’t be. Some things to consider while playing:

  • Symbol events break the rules. Clearing out a room or chamber only prevents monsters or treasure from appearing if you didn’t roll a Triangle or Square.
  • Triangles and Squares allow monsters and treasure to appear in corridors, and corridors can never be cleared out.
  • Extra monsters and treasure can be found along with normally occuring monsters and treasure in rooms and chambers. You can fight all the monsters in the same turn one at a time, but you have to kill them all to get any of the loot.
  • The Gear allows the Rogue to take on the occasional high level monster, gives the Wizard access to even more spells, and grants the Cleric and Fighter a bit more flexibility, but all at the cost of treasure.
  • If you’re playing solo, use the Hunter Hunted variant. Using multiple dice allows the player to put more distance between themselves and the Hunter, but only by risking getting caught up with surprise monsters or rolling low at the worst possible time.

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