StikBashing Gamma World



Let’s get one thing straight: StikBash will never be finished, only abandoned.

After all this talk about remixing and hacking games, I realized that I have FAR more games than I have time. I’m never going to play most of them. So, I figured I might as well hack ’em up and make them part of StikBash.

One of these unfortunate games is D&D Gamma World. I have to tell you, I’m not a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, nor do I like D20 much, but the new Gamma World was something different. The fact that the rules are chopped down to it’s basics helps, and the setting is far better than it’s contemporaries (I’m looking at you, Rifts), but the card mechanic is what really did it for me. Components make everything easier, and having the really special powers and gear on cards adds a certain something to the mix. In fact, it’s the cards that make the game, so cutting out the maps, books, counters, and dice from it feels like I’m dumping dead weight.


Enter “I LOVE THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER!”  The postcard turns the Gamma World cards into a mini-expansion, giving each player some more powers for their figures. I altered the Alpha, Omega, Cryptic Alliances from my copy of D&D Gamma World. Because of the Blank Card Rule, I didn’t need to graffiti all of them. The rest will be tagged soon enough.


I thought about printing the new effects onto labels and sticking those to the cards, but after a while I decided it wouldn’t fit the feel of StikBash. Keep it messy! Bad spelling and all!

I tried to keep some of the original text, but obviously a lot had to be changed to get it to fit into StikBash’s mechanics. Eventually all of the cards will end up getting marked up, but now I’m wondering what other unloved games I can offer as sacrifice to the StikBash gods. I do have a copy of Legendary I’m disappointed in.

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