More Games or More Often?

I’ve been thinking about gaming a lot lately. Since I finished up university for the summer, most of the thoughts that went into my schoolwork have focused instead on gaming. This is a good thing.

While I’ve been playing in my new Godfell Stone campaign, I have wondered if one long, ongoing campaign is the way to go, or if we should switch it up and play a wider variety of games. Last week, I saw a video from YouTube’s Watch it Played, where he asks: More games or more often? Here’s the video:

It’s a good question: As you get more and more games, you find yourself with more options. In the past, you could play a few games more often, but now, you find yourself playing a wider variety. He’s talking about board games in this instance, but it applies to RPGs as well.

Do you think playing a single game system for a while is better, or do you like switching up game systems to try out a wide variety?

I know that for me, I hope to continue this D&D Next campaign for a while, while I get my gaming fix for other systems online with Google+ Hangouts and in other forms.

Let me know what you think!

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