The Godfell Stone D&D Next Sessions 1 & 2: Skytop and Beacon

So, finally. FINALLY! We got the family together for our first couple of sessions of D&D Next. My mom is a human paladin, my dad is a halfling rogue, and my wife is an elven wizard.

The sessions were pretty straightforward, but I played it older-school than I normally do, and didn’t include any tactical maps. This will probably change in the future, but for now, we’ve been enjoying a little theater of the mind.

haft_abbeyI found a map online of a monastery, and just printed it out for use of the mountain-top Skytop Monastery, where the Godfell Stone had, up until yesterday, been kept. You can see the map over there, on the right.

They explored the chamber for a while, when my mom realized she had a paladin power that allowed her to basically “sniff out” evil and good. She used this to follow the stone’s evil presence, and they made out some footprints that moved in the same direction as the presence. It led them to the infirmary. They noticed the lock had been picked, and moved in to investigate. The monk there, Brother Fortune, hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, but they found an entrance to the catacombs beneath the monastery. Stepping down into the catacombs, they found the footprints again, but noticed they split off in three different directions. Following one set, they came upon a skeleton that was pocked with many holes, soon revealed to be Grey Ooze acid. They quickly dispatched the denizen, and moved back to follow the other two paths.

They eventually found their way to a secret chamber which housed a set of crumbling statues, and a pool of water which restored their acidified items. Another secret door led them out of the monastery to a cliffside. From there, the stone’s presence went cold.

They went back into the monastery, and decided to go venture down into the village. On the way, they encountered a band of kobolds who managed to nearly kill the rogue, if not for the paladin’s healing powers. They found, in the kobold stash, a chest the beasts had not been able to open. Inside were a longsword, a shortsword and a staff, all magical in origin.

In the village of Beacon, they only found that the villagers had heard some wings in the night, but nothing else. They headed back to the monastery, picked up their retainers and a monk novice, and decided to venture to the capital to see if they could learn anything new about the stone.

It was a really great set of sessions, I think. Everyone’s getting used to the D&D Next rules, and my mom and dad are getting used to rules that are four editions later than when they played. I let them roll on the magical items table to figure out the origins of their magic weapons, and they did a lot of problem-solving that didn’t involve dice. This let them really flex their creativity and problem solving, which I think they appreciated. Bridget’s enjoying the game, but isn’t satisfied with how the Wizard is in Next, as opposed to 4th, so she’s considering switching classes.

It’s been enjoyable so far, and I’ve enjoyed the simplicity and familiarity of the rules. I need to get a little more familiar with the rules, but I look forward to seeing what this campaign brings.

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