The Annihilation Is Yours!

111324We’re running a major contest here on Dice Monkey and Plot Points! We’re giving away a copy of the Annihilation Premium Edition PDF! The premium edition includes the full Operations Manual, so if you don’t own any books, this is the one for you! It’s the full rulebook!

The winner will receive a code to use on RPGNow for a free copy of the book.

So! Here’s what we’re looking for! Both here and on Plot Points, I need you to comment. Here, I want you to tell me your favorite Marvel Superhero, and why, and over on Plot Points, I need you to tell us who your favorite Marvel Supervillain is and why! You’ll find a similar post over there. The winner will be chosen from the entries!¬†We’ll be running the contest for one week.

Enter now!

Who’s your favorite hero?

9 thoughts on “The Annihilation Is Yours!

  1. My favourite ‘hero’ is deadpool. i appreciate his cycle of attempting to be a hero only to give up go back to working for the highest bidder only to find his way round a again. Also the madcap action

  2. My favorite hero is easily Nightcrawler. I love the dichotomy of a man of deep faith who looks like a devil. His swashbuckler attitude and his confidence developed over years in the comics always inspired me.

  3. I want to come up with some obscure hero that no one else will name, but I can’t do it. My first love when it comes to Marvel super heroes is, and always will be, Spider-Man. Pete’s combination of humor and devotion to his credo of “with great power comes great responsibility” is too much for me to deny.

    Spider-Man is the bacon of the Marvel universe. Anything you add Spider-Man to becomes better. Spider-Man is so obviously the bacon of the Marvel universe that he has an alternate universe version of himself that is a pig. You don’t get more bacon than that.

  4. My favorite Marvel super hero? It’s a tough choice between Spider-Man and Captain America, but I’ll have to swing with Spidey. The first comic book I ever bought with my own money was Amazing Spider-Man #534 by J. Michael Stracynski. This issue cemented my love for both Captain America and Spider-Man as well as Stracynski and I have collected every Amazing Spider-Man issue since that day. I’m even collecting Superior Spider-Man now. I refuse to give up hope that Peter Parker will return! I really connect with Peter on many levels, we both lost our father figures at a young age, we are both dweebs and we both have the “Parker luck”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could websling through the air. As long as I collect comics, Spider-Man will always be included in that monthly stack of comics.

  5. Favorite hero has always been Colossus. I was just attracted to him as a kid, the way he transformed into an inpregnable body was awesome.

  6. Well i suppose i can limit my list to just one, but its hard to do, I am definitely a fan of the X-Men, mostly the cartoon from the 90’s, and it would be a toss-up between Gambit and Wolverine for hero.
    But if I had to choose just one I’ve got to go with Gambit, mostly because he has a way with the ladies that i can only dream of having, lol.

  7. My favourite Marvel superhero is Spider-Man. I love his intelligence, his moral code and his smart ass attitude. The Parker luck is hilarious to read. I love how versatile Spider-Man is while playing Marvel Heroic Role-Playing.

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