Dungeon Command Mega-battle

I was sent along the orc Dungeon Command set, the Blood of Gruumsh by WotC. It’s just as nice as the other two sets I’ve gotten (Tyranny of Goblins and Curse of Undeath), with some nice, powerful abilities. They’re probably my favorite faction to play now. You can see the unboxing of the game here, to see all the fancy components. I will say that this is THE set to get if you want a band of Orcs for your D&D game. It has a wide variety, while keeping most figures as tough looking Orcs, rather than other sets that have a lot of different creature types.

The BoardThat’s a short review, sure, but I decided to put all of this reviewing of these games to the test and give the game a whirl with three players!

My friend Dave was in town the other day, and was one of the players in my group in Virginia. The night before we played a little D&D Next, and wanted to play some more the following day, so we sat down and pulled out the three game boxes. I played the Orcs, Dave played the Undead, and my wife played the Goblins.

The game ran surprisingly fast and furious, and was really, really fun.

I made the mistake (as I always do when playing 3 players) and split my forces, sending one group after the Undead and one after the Goblins. A palpable dread could be felt between Bridget and I when Dave brought out his terrifying Dracolitch.

The game ended with the Dracolich and Vampire laying waste to the Goblin horde and knocking me down below my morale. It was a really fantastic game, even if I lost badly.

I really enjoyed using the Ogre as it smashed through tiny Goblins. The Orcs have some really heavy-hitting units, while I noticed the Goblins were really good at moving quickly and taking the fight to the location of their choosing.

Dave was so excited about the game, he challenged me to two more games before he left. I look forward to him coming back to town for us to give it another try.

Below, you can see (and click!) some of the action shots of the game. It’s incredibly fun, and the lack of dice rolls make everything flow really quickly and easily.

Favorite set so far? I’d have to go with the Orcs, followed by the Undead. They’re both really cool armies that have a lot of potential when played correctly. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and lost every game I played in while Dave was here.

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