Interview: Dave Viars of Interface Zero 2.0


There’s only 8 days left to support an awesome Kickstarter, Interface Zero 2.0.

I had the chance to interview David Viars, the IZ2 line developer about the Kickstarter campaign and about his game. Enjoy.

Thanks for joining us, David. If you don’t mind, tell us a little about your Kickstarter. What’s it about? Why are you doing a Kickstarter rather than self-funding?

The Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter is about creating a second edition of the highly acclaimed Interface Zero setting for Savage Worlds. It’s about bringing a hardback, full-color 300 page setting and rules book for the award-winning Savage Worlds rule set.

Gun Metal Games is a very small company, at present it’s mainly Dave Jarvis. I’m his only real “full time” employee so to speak being Line Developer for the setting. Going to Kickstarter is just one way we can really make sure this product can be funded in the best possible avenue for the fans to get exactly what they want from it. In the past Dave Jarvis has gotten enough capital together to self publish… But the Kickstarter allows us to add more pages, make it in full color.. and even better, fund all the further sourcebooks which have come up as stretch goals.

Kickstarter has been a real blessing to small press companies like Gun Metal Games.

So what is Interface Zero? What makes it unique among other Cyberpunk games?

Interface Zero takes place in the year 2090. While the setting has cyberware, bioware, genetically engineered super soldiers, mega corporations and the usual tropes you’d expect from any good cyberpunk setting, our setting also has quite a few innovations which make it stand out.

The biggest would be the “Tendril Access Processor” or “TAP”. 95% of the world’s population has been implanted with a TAP, it’s a simple injection that’s cheap, and done at an early age. The TAP is a cybernetic implant which interfaces with the brain and allows one to be hooked up to the world Mediaweb at all times. Basically everyone in the setting has a computer already in their head. The TAP allows you to perceive and interact with Hyper reality (our word for Augmented reality) which is everywhere in the setting. It allows you to enter fully virtual worlds, and interface with everything around you. It’s the ultimate in always being connected and always being online, and we tackle a world that’s been changed by this new invention.

Beyond that, we have colonies on Mars, Luna, Europa and the Asteroids for Solar colony adventures, Hybridized humans, Replicant style Simulacrum, Androids and a very strong focus on governments and the political situations which are happening all over the setting. To often cyberpunk settings downplay what happens with governments and nations, our setting puts a large focus on these areas as well.

With this game, you’re using Savage Worlds. What made you choose to go with that system?

Quite simply, Savage Worlds is one of the best settings on the market right now an aspiring game designer can use to create their own settings. It’s fast, easy to learn, and yet provides a wealth of depth to it below the surface. It’s easily modifiable and has enough customization to make exactly the kind of game you want to create and run.

Interface Zero shows the Savage Worlds system is capable of handling things many didn’t think it could, with a fully realized Hacking and cyberware system to go along with it.

What kinds of backer rewards are there with this Kickstarter?

Well, we’ve blown through a few stretch goals already but I’ll tell you what we have available right now. Beyond just getting a copy of IZ 2.0 when it’s all finished, all of our pledges get the complete pdf library of current Interface Zero products! Just for pledging with us, you’ll get access to 1.0’s corebook, the Boston Sourcebook, the San Francisco Sourcebook, the Zeek Sourcebook and Zeek I-Zine, as well as our first Corporate sourcebook and Hacking 2.0 our updated and revised Hacking rules which are being used for the 2.0 edition of IZ! It’s one helluva bargain!

Beyond that we have a custom action deck that’s been created with beautiful artwork, custom bennies, and custom wild dice available as well.

Probably the best part though is, thanks to our friends at Pinnacle entertainment you can also get the core Savage Worlds rules with some levels of the pledges on the Kickstarter! Even if you’ve never played or used Savage Worlds before, now’s your chance to get in on what is an excellent system, while also getting our awesome cyberpunk setting to go along with it!

What kinds of stretch goals do you currently have in place, and what further stretch goals should we look forward to?

So far we’ve unlocked the Seattle Sourcebook which will be written by the talented Michelle-Lyons-Mcfarland, Adventures written by both John Wick and Steve Kenson, along with a Japan Sourcebook written by Stan! and a Texas sourcebook written by our own company founder, Dave Jarvis who is a Texan so knows his stuff!

Beyond that, however, we have plenty more goals we’d like to see hit. We’re real close to unlocking the Malmart catalog, a sourcebook dedicated to more equipment, more cyberware, more vehicles and drones and everything else which helps make a cyberpunk setting more “authentic”. After that we have the Solar system sourcebook, which would get into even more detail about the space colonies and let you have your own Firefly and Cowboy Bebop style adventures (And hell you can play Total Recall on Mars if you want too!). After that if the Kickstarter keeps going well, we have the Mexican Federation, the reclaimed New York and finally a Mega Europe sourcebook written by actual Europeans which will cover in detail just what happened when the EU fell to pieces and the chaos which resulted!

We’ve been very lucky to have wonderful fans both new and veteran come out to support us, the response to our game has been very welcoming.

Pitch it to me: why should people spend their money on your Kickstarter over the many fantastic Kickstarters that exist out there? What makes yours the best choice for them?

Do you like Savage worlds? Do you like Cyberpunk? If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions (or better yet to both) than our book is really for you! If you haven’t gotten to experience the awesome that is the Savage Worlds rules now’s your chance, Interface Zero will really show you what the system can do, and there’s more wonderful settings out there like Deadlands: Reloaded, Rippers, and Necessary Evil! If you already own Savage Worlds but not Interface Zero you should check out our game to really see just how much the Savage World system can cover! Not only will you get a sweet new game out of this, but more options for creating your own settings by ripping out our Hacking rules, or Mecha creation rules, or cyberware rules for your own home brew games!

For the Cyberpunk fans out there Interface Zero offers something the current cyberpunk games on the market aren’t covering. A rich, in-depth cyberpunk setting informed by the contemporary politics and technology of today, with a twist no one else has done! Our setting will not only let you do Blade Runner style games with Replicants on the run, or Akira style games with Powerful Psychics bringing about forceable change, but everything from Cowboy Bebop with our Space settings, to Aliens style horror with the Genetically created bio-horror monsters running around too. You can crash a corporate domain, you can get involved with gang warfare, you can get involved with the politics of the current North American nations which are itching to get involved with Civil War part 3… The setting is vast, deep, and wonderful and we believe a lot of fun!

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