What Disney’s Acquisition of Lucasfilm Means For You

So, as announced yesterday, Lucasfilm is now owned by Disney. The details on the deal are (via io9):

  • In 2015, Disney hopes to release Star Wars: Episode VII with plans to release Episode VIII and Episode IX in the following years. Expect a new Star Wars film every to to three years.
  • Along with Lucasfilm, Disney has purchased an extensive treatment for the brand NEW Star Wars trilogy. Episode VII is in “early development” but we’re guessing the groundwork is already being planned.
  • George Lucas is a consultant on Episode VII but his intent is to retire.
  • Disney plans on utilizing Star Wars in parks, resorts, television and film. But we’re not expecting a live action TV show just yet. We’re betting another Star Wars cartoon could be appearing on DisneyXD.
  • What about Indiana Jones? Well, Dr. Jones is still a part of the overall purchase package — but Paramount still owns the distribution rights to the films. So don’t hold your breath for a Disney Indy movie just yet.

I had one friend on Facebook say, “I thought George Lucas had artistic integrity, but I guess he’s willing to sell out for 4 billion dollars.”


You bet your ass he’s selling out for 4 billion dollars. That’s a four, followed by nine zeroes. Anyone would be willing to sell their property for that much. Second of all? Lucas lost his artistic integrity when he put Ewoks in Return of the Jedi because he knew he’d make more money on toys, rather than put the Wookiees as the forest-dwelling creatures as he had originally planned. He lost his artistic integrity with the Special Editions and Episode I.

I’d rather have the films in the hands of people who make good films like Toy Story or The Avengers, than the guy who made Attack of the Clones.

But I digress.

So, what does this mean for you, a gamer?


Fantasy Flight Games still owns the rights to make Star Wars games like X-Wing, Edge of the Empire and the Star Wars LCG. Once that license expires, there shouldn’t be a problem getting it back. Disney is known for leaving their properties alone. They know that Marvel knows Marvel best, so they’ve generally kept out of Marvel’s stuff. Should be the same thing with Lucasfilm. Disney’s not interested in messing with Lucasfilm’s properties; they just want to make the money off of it.

Don’t worry about the new mix-up at Lucasfilm. It’ll all work out, and be just fine. I look forward to welcoming our new mouse-eared masters.

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  1. One thing I’ve noticed is very few people have mentioned is that George is getting old; if he dies, estate taxes would pick apart his Lucas empire, of which he was the sole 100% owner, if I understand. By selling now, he is able to keep Lucas Films relatively in-tact and still have some say over its future. Elsewise, whomever his designees were would be forced to put it on the chopping block anyway so they could pay the nearly $2 billion in taxes that such a posthumous transferal would incur.

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