D&DNext and Dragonlance

See? Not everyone’s bored with D&DNext. I had posed a question a couple of weeks ago, wondering where the excitement for D&DNext was. I got a few responses, ranging from “well, once more stuff comes out, I’ll be excited” to “why wait for WotC to get a full game out there when there are so many good games out now?”

Online DM wrote a post about it as well, which can be seen here.

So, what a surprise when last night, I stumbled upon Greg Bilsland (who’s in charge of the playtest) putting up a post about running the Dragonlance campaigns in D&DNext.

Why do I find this so amusing? Because back when I was participating in the earliest days of the Super-Secret Playtest for D&DNext in January, I had planned on running the Dragonlance campaign in D&DNext. We had gotten through the first session, killing Fewmaster Toade’s… toadies… and marched into Solace, before I decided, after looking at all the wandering that goes on in that module, that I would go ahead and just run them through the Caves of Chaos.

I’d love to pull the modules out and give it another try, though. I’ll be running Burning Wheel (soon, I hope), and maybe we’ll give D&DNext another try.

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