Fall of the Autumnal Empire: A Play-By-Blog Burning Wheel game

It is the last days of an empire.

The boy-emperor, Sandoval Ruun, sits on the throne, the crown heavy on his brow. Beset on all sides by dangerous foes, the people look to their king. Sandoval Ruun, the last of his name.

You stand as his advisors, his protectors, his court and voice. The empire is crumbling. Save it, or do your duty and die trying.

I’m going to be running a Burning Wheel campaign soon via blog, and I’m looking  for players!

The game would take place on a WordPress blog and be visible to anyone wishing to read. Any in-character posts  would be written up by the players, and out-of-character discussions would take place in the comments that post.

if you don’t have Burning Wheel, 1. Why not?! It’s only 25 bucks for  the  hardcover book! 2. I understand these are hard times. You can get the core section of the rules for free at that same link above (the Hub and Spokes).

Still interested? Comment below to let me know. I’ll need about five players total, though I may be able to handle more (we’ll see).

I’m looking for players who can write out one to two paragraphs every few days. We’ll also have a private  discussion email group to create  characters and plan things. Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Fall of the Autumnal Empire: A Play-By-Blog Burning Wheel game

  1. I’m in. 🙂 My copy of the Burning Wheel rules is coming and I’m excited to try the system out. I am a newb, so I’ll need patience.

  2. Play via blog? Hmm, never tried that before. I might be able to play. Never played Burning Wheel yet, either, but I’ve been interested in it for a while now.

  3. CommentIf you’re open to another BW novice, I’m interested. ‘-D Haven’t played BW itself but did play Mouseguard once in a demo session. ‘-) Downloaded the core PDF for BW and am reading over it now.

  4. After reading the freebie pdf this system sounds interesting. Will be getting the book at the end of the month hopefully. Participating in the blog would be fun.

  5. Your ideas intrigue me. I’m in. I’ve been itching to get in some BW gaming, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

  6. Tickle me intrigued. I haven’t played Burning Wheel before but I have heard many good things.

    If there is still room, I would like to throw my hat into the ring. Perhaps as a knight of noble blood.

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