D&D Next: New Background: Dabbler

So, with D&D Next, you can now create your own background to best match your character. While they give you some examples, the list is shockingly thin.

What if you want someone who’s perhaps dealt with magic in the past, but isn’t involved enough to be a Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock or Cleric? Enter the Dabbler. You can throw a spell on occasion, surprising your foes as well as your allies if they didn’t realize this was your ability.

This would also allow someone to take this background as well as the Necromancer Specialty, combine it with a Fighter to create a Death Knight, or combine it with a Rogue to have a necromantic assassin.


You’ve spent a little time around magic users. Not much, but enough. Perhaps your mother or father was a spell-caster, or you adventured with a wizard who taught you a thing or two. Whatever the case, you’ve picked up a thing or two, and know a smattering of magical lore.

Prerequisites: Cannot be a Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer, or Warlock.

Skills: Insight, Magical Lore, Planar Lore

Trait – Minor Spellcaster: You are capable of casting one minor spell. Choose one minor cantrip from the Cleric’s or Wizard’s spell list. You know and can use this spell. Use your intelligence as your magical ability for this spell.

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