Beyond the Reach: Races and Ships

So, now that I’ve recovered from my crisis of faith in my game, let’s talk more about the game itself again.

For weeks now, by brother has been saying, “you need to have races! You need to have races!” I had been resisting that, thinking I would like to have just a couple of human factions, but I’m reconsidering that.

I think I’ll be setting the game in the universe of my short story I had published by Nevermet Press, which took place in this immense war against he Kradeth, an octopod, Cthulian race. I’ll set the game a few hindered years in the future, to allow humanity to have reached beyond the stars.

So, we have Humans, Kradeth… What should the third race be?

I’d like to avoid standard cliches. The Kradeth are kind of Cthulhian, as said before, and could be associated a bit with the Zerg in Starcraft, so I’d like to avoid an Elder race like the Protoss or something. At ideas? I’m thinking, if I Kickstart this, that I’ll have a fourth race as an option for stretch goals.

Now, ships. I’ve had people asking about this.

I think, initially, each faction will have three ship options: a ship bristling with heavy armor, a more nimble ship, and a carrier.

The carrier is where things get interesting. I’m considering adding a 6th console to the game, to manage starfighters and the like. This would allow up to 12 players, but would usually be put in the hands of another one of the crew members to manage.

Naturally, each race would have abilities associated with them to give themselves an edge. With Humanity as the baseline, that’s where I’ll be starting with playtesting, then moving on and adding other races after that.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Reach: Races and Ships

  1. How about a race that is a slightly symbiotic relationship. The intelligent race was not uber intelligent, but absorbs nutrients through their skin. Over time they developed a fungus that they could grow on them, even cultivate in various forms like clothing, or even for deep space protection. Through the development of this fungus, they birthed a new sentient race, which while unable to do anything itself, has by itself developed a way to increase the brain power of the original race, making them on par with humans. Over time, they developed into a single race (at least by identity) that has gone to the stars, and perhaps has chosen Mars as its goal for its next planet. Perhaps, though each being is an individual, the race refers to itself in the first person, because the fungus has brought that into the culture (given that each microbe is a single “being” it is more of a hivemind. The race looks a bit like a ball on two legs (Almost like Mike from Monster’s Inc.) Having no need for internal organs besides a brain, heart, and very small lungs (their nutrients are completely derived from the fungus, and the fungus lives off the air.) Three arms hang down between the skinny legs. All five limbs are triple jointed. Having three arms really helps with picking objects up. If you were looking from above, the limbs come out like the points in a star. The top point and rear points being the arms. They have amazing balance, as they can use all five limbs when needed. Though the limbs look thin and frail, they are not. Some, the warriors, even have limbs as hard as granite.

    By cultivating various forms of fungus, one of these creatures can from birth also be cultivated, to develop into something smart, or strong, or able. There are even welcome anomalies that occur, like one that grew to be three times as large as other creatures. Those that are entirely odd (like the giant) are treated as heroes, because the anomaly is just that, unreproducable.

  2. Given the decades of sci-fi, it’s going to be hard to find something unique. The Fungoid race had potential. Actually, I could them as a starfish with bones and a fungal crown over their brain case. As a starship bonus, their race does not have a sense of ‘front’ since they can see and move in any direction. So, they design their starships that way as well. Flying saucers if you want it to be a bit zany.


  3. Why just three types of ships? What about a destroyer squadron? 🙂

    I think you see where I am going with this…

    But yeah – I’d think more about the abilities of the races rather then their backstories. Backstories are easy. You should probably have the basic six:

    Baseline, Balanced
    Quick, Nimble and Light
    Heavy, Tough
    Long Ranged Dancers
    Short Ranged Knife Fighters
    Cheap/Low Tech and BIGGER/MOAR

    Some of those can be combined – like the dancers might want to be tough, and the short ranged guys might want to be quick and nimble. Or vice versa.

    Anyways, I look forward to checking this out!

  4. What if you split humans into two very specific factions, with the Kredathi and another race fro a total of 4. One human race could be the militant navy (BSG anyone?) and the other one is a privatized business that finances exploration of the solar system (starfleet.)

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