Beyond the Reach: Game Inspiration

Okay, so here’s a little more on the game design.

To begin with, I got a message from Daniel Hoffman, who has much better knowledge of Latin than I, who told me the quote should actually be “Astra optant, sed non obligant”, rather than “Astra citatus“. That’ll be corrected in the logo soon. Thanks, Daniel!

I’ve had a few people question how wise it is to have a game that requires ten people. Good question. Inspiration for this game comes from a few sources.

While at GenCon 2010, I had a chance to play the Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator. Dan Repperger of Fear the Boot was running it, and my wife and I had a blast. In it, we had two teams, each controlling a ship. It went really well, and my wife and I picked the game up, only to discover it’s a REALLY hard game to sit down and play! There’s a lot to it, and I’d like to play a simpler version.

Using that as inspiration, I began formulating how I myself would want to play it. The rules for my game aren’t anything like this, but the idea is the same.

In addition, I’ve recently seen some videos for the new Artemis video game, which has 5-6 people all connecting their computers together to run a single ship. Again, this is something I’d like to take as inspiration.

Finally, I just picked up FTL, a new computer game that had a Kickstarter for it last year. You manage a spaceship and all its systems, and it’s got a similar feeling to what I’m trying to do.

So why ten? Well, I don’t expect people to frequently round up nine other people to play this game. Instead, different stations can be combined, all the way down to two players. At the same time, I’d love for people to be able to get together at a convention and run an epic battle, five to a side, where a large group of players are trying to outwit one another, and all feeling a part of something much larger than themselves.

In the future, I’d also like to set up some scenarios, which allow a single crew to go on an adventure, with one person acting as GM.

I’ll start getting elements of the rules out to you soon, to see what you think.


Any questions as far as the game goes?

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Reach: Game Inspiration

  1. Do you get bonus points if everyone leans to the left when you do a sharp turn?

    Since I’m a big fan of PDF versions, any plans for a print and play version?

    Do you envision this as something that can be played via Skype with group using a generic virtual table top where plays can push tokens around and what not? [I’m thinking generic VTTs like Roll20 and Taebl.]


  2. I do plan on having a PDF version, as well as a physical copy. I’m thinking Kickstarter will be necessary for this, so I’ll have both as options.

    This could definitely be played on a VTT, as long as both teams are able to converse privately in some way in addition to communicating with one another.

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