The Asshole of Adventure

We have an agent in the field! Daniel is currently at GenCon, and wanted to throw out some ideas he had before he left. If you see him, sign his sheet!

It all started when one of our group’s founding characters in our Shadowrun game died. A few of us wrote short stories about our own characters dealing with his death. It was when we started our next campaign in Bogota that we met Devan Tark, The A-Hole of War! I made the comment that he was the Kenny Powers of Shadowrun.  It was a blast because Devan Tark walked that line between being a piece of crap braggart and valued team member. My own character did not care for him to start to really not liking him and ended up having respect for him.  The character did so well he won Shadowrun.  You can see more on our group’s Shadowrun site.

It was shortly thereafter when it I was going to play a new season of Dungeons and Dragons Encounters. I had a chance to actually play instead of running. I had just been going over articles on some of the darker themes inspired by, The Book of Vile Darkness.  It hit me to play my own version of Devan Tark. I thought of him as an ancestor.  I created Gregior Powers; a Black hearted Knave/Blackguard of Dominion. I gave him a bad Russian accent and did my best to make him into an arrogant piece of crap. I had some players annoyed, but most of them got a kick out of him.

The whole point of this piece is that it is possible to be a-hole character and not automatically an a-hole player.  I have met many players who I did not care for and the characters they played were equally undesirable. It speaks in volumes that you have a good group when characters like that can be done well. I really enjoyed playing the character to the point of celebrating the idea at this year’s GenCon.

I created a bucket list for 4th edition on the blog site in the official Wizards board. I want to get a character to level 30, and ride a dragon. There are a few other things I want to do. I am going to GenCon only on Friday with my girl and some friends.  I am going to take Gregior Powers character sheet with me to get signed.  I am going to Wizards booth last because I will try to get any and every other game designer to sign my character sheet. I am going go to each designer with a single idea. It doesn’t matter what you play or what edition it is. Everyone will always rally behind an A-hole!

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