Planeshifting: A Dungeon

So, here’s my idea:

The players are given a magical device that allows them to shift, as a standard action, between the planes. Any one of the heroes can do this on their turn, and it’s only between the Feywild, Material Plane and the Shadowfell. The players are linked together, and so they can’t switch to another plane without everyone going. This dungeon exists on all three parallel planes of existance. As such, the players can step into the other planes in order to get past particular barriers. The dungeon is worn down in the Shadowfell, normal in the Material Plane, and overgrown in the Feywild.

As the players move through the dungeon, they must figure out which plane to shift to in order to get past a particular barrier. Perhaps, in the Shadowfell and the Material plane, a room has a massive chasm in the middle of it. In the Feywild, however, there is a long, vine covered rope bridge. As they cross it, they are attacked by monsters. They can’t shift, or everyone falls and dies.

In another room, the players need to shift to the Shadowfell for some reason (perhaps the text on the wall can only be read in that plane). When they shift, it turns out the room has lots of sinkholes, and some of the players start to fall. If they try to shift back while a player in a hole, the person will be encased in stone when they return to the Material plane.

I’m not sure how all the levels would work, but you could have each room as a set of three pictures on your iPad. You use the iPad as the battlemap, placing your figures on it.. As you shift, the DM swipes his finger on the board, and the room changes beneath the PCs’ feet.

I think it could be really cool, if implemented right. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Planeshifting: A Dungeon

  1. I love the idea but, I think that with the way listed it just becomes a chore of shifting through the appropriate realms until they reach one with a clear solution. You need to make the change feel dramatic (without boring the players with the same sore of description each time they shift). You need to make meaningful choice (perhaps there’s three doors at one point, but each is only clear in one realm, making them choose and commit) or also keep it as a rare and fantastic thing with a large cool down time between shifts, or set number of shifts per realm; or even something required that costs them to recharge it (a healing surge or similar, the soul of a monster, I dunno).
    Regardless still love the basic idea, I may well steal it.

  2. I like the idea, but I share some of Jake’s concerns. I’d also add another type of challenge, one that requires them to split the party and do things simultaneously in 2 (or perhaps all 3 planes).

  3. I could see this working sort of like Portal, where some rooms require tasks done in a certain order, or utilizing features of one place–or even their hazards (say, those sleeping spores from the Feywild version of this room would do well to knock out this Shadow creature…)–and, like Jeremy said, some tasks require the party to work across multiple rooms simultaneously. In that scenario, knowing the general descriptions of the room, and having shifting be fairly common, would be an advantage to the players and DM, since both would be able to guess where to look for certain solutions.

    I like this idea a lot.

  4. I think this is a great idea. Sort of like Oracle of Seasons, where each area could best be passed in a certain season. I would agree with Jake, maybe charge a Healing Surge, for the strain on the body, and maybe let each character travel alone. making a good tool of splitting the party, and maybe have some monsters either share this ability, or make some monsters cast “shadows” on certain planes that can be attacked for massive damage. And to combat excessive shifting, enforce a cool down, something like a short rest or 2 or 3 turns, so it can’t be sued in combat too often, but must be used delicately due to the Healing Surge cost.

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