I’m Starting a Kickstarter for SIR

My Simple, Intuitive Roleplaying game has actually gotten a bit of  buzz! I’ve been getting some really positive feedback, and I’m participating in a play-by-forum game of it, letting someone else GM it to see how it plays.

With that, I decided that a Kickstarter may be in order. My rules, while simple, allow for a lot of flexibility and expansion. I’ve begun fleshing out the rules a bit more to give more weight to them, while maintaining the simplicity. Also, I’m going to add some genre specific rules, such as mass combat and starship rules. In addition, I’d like to include a few different one to two-page settings in different genres, similar to how True20 did it.

I’ve got an artist lined up for the cover and internal art, and I’ll be handling the layout and design duties. My goal, once we’re funded, is to get this thing out on the digital shelves around November or so. If we get enough funding, at certain stretch goals, the book will become large enough that I may do a print run or a Lulu thing. We’ll see. My current plan is to start the Kickstarter on the 28th of June, then run it through the 28th of July.

If you’re interested in playtesting the rules, let me know!

2 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Kickstarter for SIR

  1. Sure, I’d love to help playtest or at least proof-read the rules. Have you thought about where you want to sell it? How much are you looking to kickstart?

    1. I’m looking at putting it up on RPGNow, and Lulu, if there’s enough backing. I’m looking at around $1200 for the initial funding on Kickstarter.

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