The D&DNext Public Playtest Starts Soon!

That’s right, people! Very, very soon, you too will be able to play the game that everyone’s been wanting to talk about, but have avoided due to their NDAs! D&DNext is coming. There’s lots of D&D news this week. Tomorrow I’ll talk about the 3.5 reprintings and Monte Cook stuff, but for now, here’s the official press release on it.

Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to announce that the excitement surrounding D&D Next continues with the next phase of public play testing, which will kick off on Thursday, May 24th.

This next phase in the project is the single most important part of D&D Next – the chance for fans to help shape the future of Dungeons & Dragons by sharing their creative vision for the game.

Additional information can be found in this Legends & Lore post from Mike Mearls, Senior Manager of Dungeons & Dragons. In the post, Mike also confirmed that Monte Cook has decided to leave the D&D Next design team.

In the coming weeks, the Legends & Lore column on will provide further insight into the materials in the playtest and additional plans to roll out content.

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