Baldur’s Gate Major… Announcement?

It’s an announcement we’ve been waiting for since January 20, 2004, when the LAST¬†Baldur’s Gate was released. That game was Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II.¬†8 years.

And? And?


They’re rereleasing the original game. With… enhancements. What enhancements? Who knows? Will I be able to play it on my Mac? Dunno.

As my buddy Dean Gilbert said, “Nothing to see here.”

Move along. Move along.

2 thoughts on “Baldur’s Gate Major… Announcement?

  1. Some tidbits off Trent Oster’s Twitter feed:!/TrentOster

    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition includes the expansion, same for Baldur’s Gate 2 EE

    Updated graphics engine and UI, but the ruleset is staying AD&D 2E

    New Content by the Original Team

    They are looking to support the modding community and are trying their best not to break mods

    BG EE is part of a long term plan and they would love to do BG3

    And a little Baldur’s Gate history, the characters from BG are from Jame’s old D&D group

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