Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Marvel Heroes Events

I’m really, really getting excited for this thing to come out on February 28th.

On the 28th, you can pick up the core book, and in the coming months there are a host of other books coming.

Marvel announced their MARVEL HEROES Events here. Basically, the Events are adventures to the basic game, but come in a variety of books, depending on what you need.

Essential Editions are full color casebound hardcovers priced at 29.99 and include a full MARVEL HEROES campaign, with character rosters, locations, and expanded rules. Best value for those who already have the Operations Manual from the MARVEL HEROES Basic Game.

Basically, these will have the campaign, extra rules, and characters. Excellent. You have the Operations Manual? You get this one.

Premium Editions are full color prestige hardcovers priced at 39.99 and include all the Essentials Edition content plus the Operations Manual and additional resources.

This one’s more expensive, but it includes the full rules for the game. This is great for having all the rules in one place. I like this idea.

Event Supplements are full color perfect bound softcovers priced at 19.99 and expand or build on the storylines and character.

It seems like this is an addition to the other two books, with more adventure to expand on what’s in the books. You’ve played the adventure, and want to keep going? Here it is. At least, that’s what it looks like to me.

Here’s what really gets me excited. Every few months these books are coming out, with major events in the Marvel Universe.

The Civil War was a major event in the Marvel Universe, pitting hero against hero, as the Superhuman Registration Act became law. Some heroes were for registration (led by Iron Man), some were against (led by Capt. America). The results were massive, leading to Captain America’s death (which later got reversed), and contributed to the ability of the Skrulls to later invade the planet. The repercussions of the Civil War ended up echoing for years following the plot.

I own most of the TPB for this (there were about 20), so I’m looking forward to this one coming right on the heels of the core game.

This was a major event in the galactic side of the Marvel Universe. If you like your massive space wars, this is the one for you. It involved most of the cosmic entities in Marvel, including Thanos, the Beyonder, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Annihilus, and my favorite, Ronan the Accuser.

The Skrulls are involved, there’s a massive intergalactic fleet, and everything goes very, very wrong. This series doesn’t feel like Marvel, in the sense of superheroes fighting one another. Instead, it’s more like everything badass you’ve ever imagined about Sci-Fi. I’m looking forward to this one.

This storyline takes place in an alternate Marvel Universe, in which Xavier is killed, and Magneto takes up the mantle of peaceful coexistence with humans. With Xavier’s death, Apocalypse decides to take over the world, which shouldn’t have happened for another 10 years. As a result, the world isn’t ready, and becomes enslaved to one of the most powerful foes the Marvel Universe has ever seen. Every once in a while, Marvel goes back and looks at the Age of Apocalypse, and I know a lot of people really, really enjoy that alternate universe.

Again, I’m really looking forward to all this, and can’t wait to give the game a try. I’ll keep updating the blog as new updates come out.

5 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Marvel Heroes Events

  1. I know this goes against the grain a bit, but one cool thing about the M&M game is that on their forums fans where creating Marvel characters you could play. Are their forums you are aware of for Heroic Roleplaying and are they already talking about making DC characters?

  2. It doesn’t look like there’s a forum on MWP’s website, and I can’t find any forums discussing the game. If you find any, let me know.

  3. I’ve got the basic game ordered. I’m guessing that there will only be one of those books anyways. I love the way they’re doing this game around the major events in the Marvel Universe, but I also hope that they allow for character creation as a lot of people still want to create their own characters and not play iconics.

  4. Sign me up for Age of Apocalypse! The latest AoA was a 6 part series done by one of my two favrotie artists, Chris Bachalo! Good series

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