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No RX Flexeril, My Kingmaker Pathfinder campaign began on Saturday. Two players failed to show, 30mg Flexeril, so it was Jack, Josh and myself. We were initially thinking we'd just talk about the campaign, Flexeril us, but I was begged into running "Something, 500mg Flexeril, anything!"

So here was the session.

Ransom, a dwarf rogue, Flexeril australia, was making his way down the road, 200mg Flexeril, traveling from Restov, where he was tasked with exploring the Greenbelt, a section of the Stolen Lands to the west of the city, Flexeril uk. He recieved the job through a contact in Brevoy, Flexeril coupon, and was told he would be able to meet up with the rest of his group at Oleg's Trading Post in the Northern Greenbelt.

Riding his great ram, Ransom found the day to be bright and clear. It was nearing midday, and he estimated he was within a half hour of the trading post, when he saw movement in the forest to his left.

Pausing, he noted that the two shapes were moving at his pace, keeping back within the trees, No RX Flexeril. To his right, 10mg Flexeril, there was a large rock outcropping, 150mg Flexeril, so he decided to move that way, in order to see if the shapes would continue along. Before he even made it to the rocks, Flexeril canada, an arrow whizzed by his head.

He turned, 20mg Flexeril, leaping from his ram, as a bandit burst from the woods, sword drawn, Flexeril usa. More arrows shot past him, 750mg Flexeril, avoiding actually hitting him.

Ransom drew his hand-axes, and advanced toward the bandit.

Suddenly, the whole forest went dark.

Looking around, 250mg Flexeril, he realized the darkness appeared to be centered on him. 1000mg Flexeril, Being a dwarf, he was able to see perfectly, though the bandits weren't so lucky, Flexeril india. No RX Flexeril, They began to stumble about aimlessly, trying to find the dwarf in the darkness.

Not understanding the purpose of the deep shadows, but never one to give up an opportunity, Ransom charged, striking down the first of the bandits. The other, 50mg Flexeril, deep in the forest turned to run, only to find himself standing before a glowing form of a man. He panicked, 100mg Flexeril, and turned the other way, Flexeril overseas, stumbling through the undergrowth.

Ransom rushed him, cutting him down almost as quickly. Has he moved forward to attack the bandit, Flexeril craiglist, however, Flexeril paypal, he noticed a shadowy shape rush past him, then vanish again into the forest. As the last of the two bandits fell, Flexeril mexico, the darkness evaporated. The sky was clear and sunny.

Ransom looked around, No RX Flexeril. 40mg Flexeril, The shadowy figure was nowhere to be seen.

"Spirit of the forest!" he shouted into the woods, "Are you friend or foe?"

Along the ground, a glowing question mark appeared, Flexeril ebay, then vanished. Flexeril japan, He tried to call out again, but recieved no answer.

He waited a while, then moved to the bandits. Leaning their bodies up against a tree facing the road, he carved "BANDIT" into the chestpieces of their leather armor, as a warning to any others who came down this way. He then mounted his ram, and continued toward the trading post.

It was a good first session, and taught my two players how MapTool worked. They enjoyed it, and look forward to this upcoming Saturday, where we'll hopefully have the full group.

You can follow our adventures, as well as see the character sheets here at our Kingmaker site.

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