iPad RPG: Heroes vs. Monsters

With the recent addition to the household of an iPad, I’ve been downloading a lot of games for it; Some free, some not. I’d like to talk about a couple of them over time, to show you what kinds of gaming experiences you can have via the iOS.

First of all, I’d like to talk about Heroes vs. Monsters, a free App in which you travel around the countryside, killing monsters and gaining levels and power.

The classes I’ve discovered so far (I’m guessing there might be more) are the Fighter, Cleric, Bard, Archer, Barbarian and Summoner. There are a few races, though there is no mechanical difference between them, and they don’t name them. There is the Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, and an Elemental-type. Again, there may be more, but I haven’t discovered them.

Above, you can see the current make-up of my party. I have two Fighters, a Cleric and a Bard. The Bard switches in and out of the party with the Summoner and Archer, but other than that, the party stays the same.

In the game, you have an overland map where you can have your party march around, looking for trouble. There are a few castles which have boss fights, but you really need to wait to take them on, as you’ll get slaughtered if you aren’t powerful enough.¬†As you’re wandering around, you’ll get jumped by groups of monsters. The game will tell you the rough level of the monsters you’re fighting, then ask if you want to fight, or retreat. If you retreat, no harm, no foul.

If you fight, it shifts into combat mode, like what you see above. Monsters come onto the screen, and you click one of your heroes, dragging your finger over the monster. In the case of the Cleric, you select which hero you want to focus on healing. Every 3-5 seconds, the Cleric sends out another Minor Healing to that hero.

The game requires some quick fingers if you want to optimize your combat abilities. As my Bard is still low level, I keep him behind the two heroes, performing a healing song to boost the two’s health replenishment. As he gets higher in level, he may end up replacing the Cleric entirely.

After the battle, you gain gold, XP, and sometimes some new items. Outside of combat, you can go to the village, where you gain skills after you level up, buy gear, sell gear, and hire new heroes.

As a free-to-play game you can, as in most, purchase more gold with cash, but I have not done so. I prefer to work for my gold. It requires a lot more fighting in order to get any good gear, but I think it’s worth it. My heroes now are outfitted with the best non-magical items you can buy.

As far as graphics go, they’re actually really good for being cartoony. The character’s hands and feet aren’t attached to the torso, allowing for them to easier animate the movements, but here it works. It all looks great, with dynamic scenery and great monsters.

If you’ve got an iPad (or perhaps an iPhone? Not sure if it works for those as well), you should pick it up!

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