The End of the Godfell Stone

It’s been a good run, but The Godfell Stone campaign is over.

I’ve had a string of cancelled games, people not showing up, or showing up an hour or so late. It had happened enough that I finally decided to end the game.

In addition, at least one of my players had zero enthusiasm. Not a shred. Each time their turn came around, it was like they were looking at their character sheet for the first time.

I only have about seven months left in the area, before moving back to Spokane, WA, which isn’t enough time to finish up the story arc, as I saw it.

Those are my reasons.

Am I disappointed? Absolutely. I had looked forward to running a long, ongoing campaign with nuance, that the players would care about, but perhaps I was trying too hard.

As such, I’ll be running some one-shots in the meantime, until the move, playing a lot of different games, trying out ones I haven’t played in a while, or simply haven’t gotten a chance to ever play. Bridget and I are going to run a one-on-one Star Wars d6 campaign, and I’ll be running a Pathfinder RPG online (starting Saturday), so I’ll be keeping busy in the gaming scene.

Also, I’m looking for a new group in Spokane already. I have at least one person interested. I’m excited!

5 thoughts on “The End of the Godfell Stone

  1. That is a shame. I have seen you posting on twitter about this problem and it blows my mind both that the players were so apathetic to the campaign and that they wouldn’t have the courtesy to show up on time or at least cancel in advance.

    I wish I lived closer (I live in the western burbs) because playing with someone who is serious about story and nuances would be great.

  2. Or, if you’re willing to give this game another go online (RPOL maybe?), I’d be all over it — I love the premise you outlined!

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