Gamma World D&D: Humans and Half-Elves

Here’s the last two of the PHB1 races, presented as Gamma World origins. I may do more races, or work on some classes. We’ll see. But for now, here’s the Human and Half-Elf!


Humans are the most varied and hardy race, spreading themselves out throughout the world.
Type: Wisdom; Natural
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Streetwise checks.
Versatile (Level 1): Gain training in one additional skill.
Defense Bonus (Level 1): You gain a +2 to Will.
Human Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit, lower your enemy’s AC by two, until the end of your next turn.

Knee Kick (Human Novice)                                            
Kicking out, you knock their kneecap out of socket.
Encounter • Weapon
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity + your level vs. Reflex
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier + your level damage and the target is Immobilized (save ends).

Adaptive Learner (Human Utility)
Humans can adapt to any situation.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you treat all untrained skills as trained.

Dirty Trick (Human Expert)
You hit your enemy in the nose with your elbow, temporarily disabling them.
At-Will • Physical
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Str + your level vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d4 + Wisdom modifier + twice your level damage, the target is dazed (save ends). 


Half-elves are the descendent of Elves and Humans.
Charisma; Natural
Skill Bonus (Level 1): You gain a +4 to Diplomacy checks
Defense Bonus (Level 1): You gain a +2 to your Will.
Dilettante (Level 1): You may choose to replace one of your class powers with that of another class.
Half-Elf Critical (Level 2 or 6): Choose a critical ability from either the Human or Elf.

Powers: When you choose your powers, you choose between the Human and the Elf powers.



3 thoughts on “Gamma World D&D: Humans and Half-Elves

  1. Cool stuff! I am enjoying this series, and think Gamma World can definitely be used as a scaffold for a Basic D&D 4E.

    One thing I would point out — the human utility power, Adaptive Learner, right now lets a human functionally been trained in all skills for most of the time (since it is an encounter power). Is it supposed to be a daily?

  2. As a note, I don’t think GW really does daily powers. I noticed that during one of our games.

    Not sure I’m crazy about the half-elf. It sort of makes sense, but feels very dull. I like Dilettante, though, that’s cool.

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