Do Your Dice Match Your Game?

Recently, I noticed a trend in gamers to switch up their dice.  This would happen for several reasons:  simply finding something shiny & new, old dice were rolling badly, or for the reason I am going to speak of below: changing dice with changing characters or games.

Gemini Dice Sets From Chessex

Many players change their dice with each character they play.  For instance, I while playing a Storm Genasi used  a blue crystal dice set.  Now that I will be playing a Warforged, who is of the Church of the Silver Flame, I purchased a set that is a combination of steel grey and bright metallic blue.

My husband does the same thing.  Perhaps he is where I got the idea from… hmm…  His dice bag is definitely bigger than mine but, of course, he’s been playing for a lot longer.  When playing Werewolf the Forsaken, he had a set of silver-plated dice, an Elven rune set for a LOTR game, and bone dice for HorrorClix.

Not only can dice match a character, they can also match a game.  For instance, with our upcoming Mouse Guard campaign we picked up a pack of d6s colored in forest greens, blues and grays.  Mark once used transparent blue dice to match the color of the Jedi’s lightsabers in a Star Wars game.

Dice on the other hand can be a very personal effect for the gamer.  For instance, a favorite set of dice that goes with the player from game to game, genre to genre or character to character can be just as important.  I have a set of favorite dice.  They were the first set I ever bought for myself.  Not just borrowed dice, but those first ones I picked out and ordered through my FLGS.  For me that was my first step in becoming a true gamer.

I find that changing the dice with the character or game can be good for getting into something new and stretching out a bit.  Picking out a new set of dice can be just another part of character creation.  It rounds out the character and gives a bit of excitement to starting something new.

On the other hand I have seen players who don’t seem to have any attachment to their dice and that other than rolling with them nothing is that special about them.  Variety is good and if one isn’t rolling great then trade them in for another handful.  I like this approach too.  I think as sets grow and pieces are lost over time this is something I will begin to try.

For now, I like the dice to match.  How about you?  Do any of you match your dice?  Do you prefer to go with what you grab first?

5 thoughts on “Do Your Dice Match Your Game?

  1. In the halcyon days of my Mage: the Ascension campaign, I ran across a Chessex d10 that was purple with grey and white flecks, which I felt worked very well in terms of color coordination. Their ability to roll well left something to be desired, though.

    I splashed on a couple blocks of those Gemini dice at one point, too. They’re very striking and what I typically throw on the table for players to use at my GURPS convention games.

    My desire to accumulate more dice died down a while back, though, with those Gemini dice. I’ve got a comfortably full bag with enough of the other polyhedrals than I can make my way through most games.

    I just wish more people came to game night with their own dice, instead of relying on me!
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  2. I use to do this a lot. It started with Origins 2000. I had attended for the weekend, so that I could preview the advanced copy of the D&D 3.0 PHB that they had under glass (yes that’s true). While there, I bought a set of Crystal Caste dice that I declared would be used only for my first 3.0 character. I kept that promise.

    Then I started buying dice for each campaign that I ran or played it. Over the years, I accumulated most of of Chessex’s catalog. But that trend has recently ended for me, now that I have embraced Gamescience dice.

    This year at GenCon, I purchased a full set of Gamescience Dice in a mix of Crystal Blue and Red, and those are now the only dice that I use for all my games.

  3. I hadn’t considered matching dice to character, that’s a cool idea! I have a couple sets of chessex hurricane (purple with black flecks. Silver numbers on one set, copper on the other) that are my go-to dice. I also use a group of d20s that I match to my mood (red, black, and white).

  4. I match dice sometimes, but I don’t get new dice to do it. I own a ton of dice since half of my players needed to borrow them at the start of the game. So when I was playing a tiefling hellock, I used my red dice. But mostly I’m DMing, so I just pick whatever color I feel like using that day.

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