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This article was written on 06 May 2013, and is filled under Call of Cthulhu, Fluff/Inspiration.

Cthulhu on the High Seas

Long before the history people speak of now, there was a version of the world filled with light, life and plenty. A world built upon rolling hills where civilization stretched to the four corners of the land. In this Old World, many a great and powerful race stood side by side in relative peace. In this Old World, the profound arcane force was interwoven with the very forces of nature. In this Old World, nightmares were things of the mind and did not walk the physical world. But all of this came to a grinding halt when the signs first started. When the first omens predicted ages ago appeared, this Old World was no more. Welcome to Aldebaran, the New World.

So about two months ago I began work on a completely homebrew campaign setting for Pathfinder. I had a group of 6 players interested in playing, and I hadn’t ever run a game live before, usually running play-by-posts and online games, so I figured why not? Many of those involved are fanatics of Steampunk (one is even the star of the award-winning miniseries “Dirigible Days“), and my fiance is a huge fan of pirate myths and lore, so the obvious choice would have been Steampunk Pirates. I myself am not an aficionado, so I decided to go the route of your run of the mill water based piracy. Spicing things up, I threw in a topic that no one could resist: Lovecraft.

The world has flooded, islands are all that really remain, and the only two powers are the pirates which run trade both legal and illegal, and the church who promises to protect the scared people who have survived. With the seas growing more and more dangerous by the second, piracy isn’t as free-for-all as it once was. Structured into a feudalistic hierarchy, The Associated Ships of Aldebaran are a pirate guild where everyone pays up to those above them in exchange for protection and certain boons. Meanwhile the church, dedicated to the surviving nine Gods of some secret cataclysms whose details are only vaguely known about, attempts to set things right, and keep the secret of the horrors from below from the general public. Depending on choices made during character creation, this game may fall into the pirate, church or mixed company varieties. We will have to see what wonders character creation brings.


  1. Rich Green
    May 6, 2013

    This sounds like a lot of fun – good luck with it. I’m sure you know this already but there’s a lot of good pirates + Lovecraft stuff in the Freeport setting & adventures from Green Ronin you can plunder!

  2. Sabrael
    May 7, 2013

    Rich, I actually did not know that, I will have to look into it.

  3. [...] Aldebaran (described here in a previous article) is a homebrew campaign setting I developed, with some assistance from my players, for our campaign: “Salty Dogs”. Their characters have actually fleshed out some interesting features of the world, including but not limited to: the Underdark-like area of the Drow, Orc society and territory, and even a trading port to the north of where our game begins belonging to the Ratfolk who are in a war with the Gnolls. Our first Session was entirely character creation, which I have discovered is usually normal. This was my first time running a game in person, having done so online almost exclusively; decisions have to be made much more on the fly when your players are right there waiting for you. Luckily, my team of six is a dream for any newbie GM to work with! I had 2 completely new people, 2 Pathfinder Society veterans and 2 veterans of Role-Playing in general, but new to Pathfinder. Overall a great mix. My Society vets helped the newbs when I couldn’t get to them, and the other vets caught on very quickly. Our crew consists of: [...]

  4. Wehr
    August 3, 2013

    I think this can be summed up with: “We love because it’s the only true adventure.” by Nikki Giovanni

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