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This article was written on 18 Apr 2013, and is filled under 5e D&D, Actual Play, D&D Next.

The Godfell Stone D&D Next Session 0

On Friday night, we sat down and had a character creation session for our new D&D Next campaign. The group consists of myself, Bridget, my mom and dad. My mom was down visiting my sister and her fiancé, so she created her character via texts and phone calls.

photo copyThe session went pretty well. My dad hasn’t made a character in over 30 years (he played back in the old 1st edition days and before), but he said there were a lot of familiar elements. Here you can see him making his character.

In the end, he decided to play a Halfling Rogue Skulker Charlatan. He’ll be spending a lot of time in the shadows, as well as swindling people.

My mom decided to be a Human Paladin Mystical Healer Noble. She’ll be the party’s wall and healer.

Bridget decided to play an Elf Wizard Metamagician Guide. She’s not only great at wizardry, she’s spent a bit of time in the outdoors as well.

The group’s pretty well balanced, I think. They were all asking me if I was going to play something as well as run the game, as it’s something I’ve done in the past, and currently I don’t think so. I’ve been considering running a Human Barbarian DMPC who would be a mute, so that he wouldn’t be asked to make decisions, just pointed in a direction and told to fight. We’ll see.

It looks like we may not play for a while, since schedules aren’t going to line up for a couple of weeks. Once they do, we’ll be kicking off the campaign. I’ll keep you updated.

Today’s question for you: Should I play a DMPC? If so, what should I play to help out the party? Let me know in the comments below!

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